Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Computer CrimeA young man sits well-lighted only by the light of a computing machine screen. Hisfingers dance crosswise the keyboard. While it appears that he is only wordprocessing or acting a game, he may be committing a felony.In the recount of Connecticut, ready reckoner crime is defined as 53a-251. ComputerCrime(a) Defined. A individual commits data processor crime when he violates any of theprovisions of this section.(b) wildcat access to a computer carcass. (1) A person is criminal of thecomputer crime of un authoritative access to a computer system when, cunning that heis not authorized to do so, he accesses or causes the be accessed any computersystem without authorization...(c) Theft of computer services. A person is guilty of the computer crime o ftheft of computer services when he accesses or causes to be accessed orotherwise uses or causes to be used a computer system with the intent to determineunauthorized computer services.(d) Interruption of computer ser vices. A person is guilty of the computercrime of interruption of computer services when he, without authorization,intentionally or recklessly disrupts or degrades or causes the disruption ordegradation of computer services or denies or causes the denial of computerservices to an authorized user of a computer system.(e) Misuse of computer system information. A person is guilty of the computercrime of misuse of computer system information when (1) As a result of hisaccessing or causing to be accessed a computer system, he intentionally makes orcauses to be make an unauthorized display, use, disclosure or copy, in any form,of data residing in, communicated by or produced by a computer system.Penalties for committing computer crime ramble on from a class B misdemeanor to aclass B felony. The severity of the penalty is determined based on the monetary treasure of the damages inflicted. (2)The law has not always had much success lemniscus computer crime. In 1990 therewas a nationwide c rackdown on extramarital computer hackers, with arrests, criminalcharges, one dramatic show-trial, several guilty pleas, and massive confiscationsof data and equipment all over the USA.The Hacker Crackdown of 1990 was larger, better organized, much deliberate, andmore resolute than any previous efforts. The U.S. Secret Service, privatetelephone security, and res publica and local law enforcement groups across thecountry all joined forces in a determined attempt to break the back ofAmericas electronic underground. It was a fascinating effort, with very mixedresults.In 1982, William Gibson coined the term " net". Cyberspace is defined as"the "place" where a telephone conversation appears to occur.

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