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How To Overcome The Problems And The Advantages And Dis Advantages Of Using Survey Method

a. ) Discuss the puzzle which a research worker might encounter when conducting genial vignettes. Explain how to overcome the problems. b. ) Explain the advantages and dis advantages of employ regard rule. According to chrishnaswami O. R (2003) social heap is delineate as a fact finding study. It is a method of research involving the assembly of entropy directly from a race or a try on there of a particular time.It moldiness not be overturned with the mere clerical r appearine of gathering and tabulating figures for it requires expert and imaginative plan careful and rational interpretation of findings. Omari I. M defined social mess research as probably the best method available to the social scientists interested in collecting original entropy for describing a nation alike large to observe directly. Survey may be utilize for descriptive explanatory and exploratory purposes.Although this method can be utilize for other units of analysis such as group or interac tions it is requisite that some individual persons are used as adjudicateings or informants. In social field of study data maybe unruffled by methods the likes of observation, interviewing and questionnaires . social check out has the following characteristics, it is always conducted in a natural setting, it seeks answers directly from the respondents, it can cover a precise large population and it covers a definite geographical area for instance a city, regularise or a state. The following steps are involved time collecting a survey.The first step is selection of as problem and its formulation followed by the preparation of a research design whence operation of concepts and twirl of measuring indexes and scales then sampling then construction of tools for collection of data and their pretest then field work and calculation of data then processing data and tabulation then lastly reporting. A research worker might encounter certain problems tour conducting a survey stu dy, the following are the problems which a detective might encounter while conducting social survey. A prove survey is subject to sampling error.Its findings must be interpreted in the light of this error. The survey method depends principally on verbal behavior the respondent can give sham or misleading answers hence a survey is subject to rejoinder errors. A survey is alike subject to errors of mea trustworthyment, implicit, iniquity attitude, abilities behaviors and other face-to-face traits. There is a termination of the number of items of info that can be collected in a single survey. There is an optional aloofness of time for an interview hence the extent of data requirement should be de trammel to the tolerance of the respondents.The survey methods alone are in tolerable analyze adequately the complex fabric of social organization . it is also not sound suited to studies of historical development. hearty surveys are very dearly-won in terms of time and cost. Hen ce an individual cannot endure to carry reveal an extensive survey out of these resources. Having seen the problems which a research worker might encounter the following are the ways through which a researcher can use so as to overcome those problems, The researcher must make sure that the research topic is clearly defined to him/herself .this will enable the researcher to state the problem clearly to his/her respondents. The researcher should be clear both close the discipline that is required about the topic and the reason for wanting this information for him/herself. The researcher should make sure that the topic has been properly defined for the respondent that is by obviateing the use of airlift words and jargons Researchers should make sure that they ask questions that are relevant to the respondents.He /she should avoid asking hypothetical questions/abstract questions and should also avoid asking for information that requires the respondent to have remembered things th at they are likely to have forgotten. This will sign misleading answers. The researcher should make sure that the questions asked are not dark . he/she should ensure balance in the introduction, should also ensure that the sets of response options are balanced and should avoid words that are likely to produce different reactions or stereotype reactions from respondents.The researcher should eliminate complexities so that the respondent can easily understand the questions . this is by avoiding asking two or more questions at one time, avoid using words with several(prenominal) meaning. Check whether the question has been simplified to its simplest form and avoid using too many vocabularies in the question. The researcher should, ensure that the respondents understand what kind of answer is needed. The researcher should also avoid asking ambiguous questions b) Explain the advantages and dis ad vantages of using survey method.The following are the advantages of survey research The s urvey method facilitate the drawing generalization about large populations on the basis of representative sample The survey method is flexible to go for the use of various methods of collecting data like observation interviewing and questionnaire. Social surveys sensitize the researcher to unknown problems, the collection of data from respondents through interviewing or mailing often uncovers facts previously unknown to the researcher.The quality of data collected is not dependent on the personal impressions, skills and objectivity of single researcher. The information is gathered from a sample. Generalization can easily been drawn by studying large number of respondents in using effective sample techniques. Social surveys deliver objective accurately measured scientific data which can be easily put into statistical form. Having seen the advantages of the survey method . the following are the dis advantages of social survey methods, In social survey the most important questions mig ht not be asked, this is due to the limit of time.However the researcher might find it difficult to ask, more questions due to paltry response and negative reactions from the respondents hence not getting the expected answers. misunderstanding due to the language used. Respondent may not be well familiar with the language which the researcher use as a answer misunderstanding rises due to lack of clarity to the respondents hence sometimes well-favored out an irrelevant answer to the question asked by the researcher.A single survey is done with a specific planned time and since time is hold in the number of items to be collected must also be limited to put in planned time hence leaving out some others items to be collected to make the whole survey sleep together and worth fully needed facts found. Social survey is very expensive in terms of time and cost. an individual cannot afford to carry out an extensive survey out of his resources. The concepts and forms of language used in the survey maybe misinterpreted hence lead the respondent to tell lies. This creates limitation to the researcher on terms of facts finding hence can lead to out of true conclusions

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