Thursday, February 28, 2019

Musical Hair Critiquing Essay

1) What taper be you critiquing? hair2) Give a brief summary of the grade line.Claude Hooper Bukowski, an Oklahoma farm boy, heads to New York City to enter the Army and go in the Vietnam War. In Central Park, he meets a troupe of free-spirited hippies led by George Berger, a young man who introduces him to debutante Sheila Franklin when they separate a dinner party at her home. Inevitably, Claude is sent off to advance training in Nevada, but Berger and his band of merry pranksters follow him. Sheila flirts with an off-duty sergeant-at-law in order to steal his uniform, which she gives to Berger. He uses it to extract Claude from the base for a last meeting with Sheila, taking his place, but while Claude is away, the unit wing out to Vietnam, taking Berger with them. The use up ends with the main cast singing at Bergers grave, followed by scenes of a large anti-war protest outside the snow-white House in Washington, DC.3) What did you like best about this show?Hair succeed s at all levelsas lowdown fun, as affecting drama, as exalt spectacle and as provocative social observation. It achieves its goals by rigorously obeying the rules of classic American musical comedy dialogue, plot, song and dance blend seamlessly to create a juggernaut of excitement.4) What did you like least about this show?The movie omits the songs The discern, Dead End, Oh Great God of Power, I think in Love, Going Down, Air, My Conviction, Abie tiddler, Frank Mills, and What a Piece of Work is Man from the musical. some(prenominal) of the songs have been shortened, sped up, rearranged, or depute to different characters to allow for the differences in plot.5) Who was the fighter/heroine?Claude Hooper Bukowski/ Sheila Franklin.6) Who was the villain?The General.7) Were you able to understand everything? If not what did you understand?A major plot difference between the film and the musical involves a faulting that leads Berger to go to Vietnam in Claudes place, where he i s killed. The musical focuses on the U.S. ataraxis movement, as well as the love relationships among the Tribe members, while the film focuses on the carefree antics of the hippies. But why not make the film ending a happy one? In that case, the movie go out better reflect the aspect of American tillage Happy invariably After.8) Did you get a chance to listen to the soundtrack?Unfortunately not.9) What was your popular song?Aquarius.10) Did you think that the actors were well cast?Sure. The cast featured washstand Savage as Claude Hooper Bukowski, Treat Williams as George Berger and Beverly DAngelo as Sheila Franklin. Williams was put forward for New Star of the Year in a Motion vista Male.11) If you were to remake this show who would you cast in the title roles? Why?If I were to remake the show, I would sill choose the actor and actress as the hero and heroine. The actors are really good-looking, and they can sing and dance well.12) What aspect of American Culture do you s ee in this show? Nothing ventured nothing gained. Berger is not only at the heart of the hippie Tribe but is assigned some of Claudes conflict involving whether or not to obey the draft. His expiry led to the large anti-war protest and featured the carefree antics of the hippies.

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