Sunday, February 17, 2019

Rates of Epidemic Infection Drops :: Spanish Influenza Journalism Media Essays

Rates of Epidemic Infection DropsBreaking news today as the New York Times reports a drop in the rate of transmitting of what is now being called Spanish Influenza. More than 900 fewer cases in the recent 24 hrs were reported by the New York Times today, with a constitutional decrease in 91 deaths. This 20 percent drop resulted in only 3,362 reported cases of influenza as of October 21. As New Yorkers sigh a quick sigh of relief, the rest of the nation shudders on what has plump an epidemic spread of the grippe, normally common this meter of year exactly never before so deadly. However, medical officials warn that these numbers may not be necessarily accurate, as there argon many an(prenominal) cases of influenza that go unreported. In spite of the medical officials warnings, the drop in the number of those killed by Spanish influenza is positive, as those can be accurately measured and accounted for. News of the decrease in cases reported was met with a push for more vigilance in preventing the spread of this malady. A cite of twelve rules to the public in the aim of safeguarding against the spread of respitory indisposition has been released by the Surgeon General of the Army, one of which being the three Cs--a brush mouth, clean skin and clean clothes. The question of how this epidemic attacked the United States at this time of War against democracy is one that plagues every patriots mind. A mere calendar month ago Health Officials were meeting to discuss the prevention of the spread of the disease from the ports. Only limited cases had been reported, with quarantines being enforced in New York City. like a shot as it has spread to all states, with only three having stationary reports of its spread, Americans are searching for more preventative action. From its appearance, this Grippe-like influenza has spread rapidly. New York watchful itself for an outbreak when the first three urban center-based cases of influenza appeared on Sep tember 19. Commissioner Dr. gallant S. Copeland in speaking of the outbreak confirmed everyones worst fears, It looks very much as if we were in for our influenza siege.The quick spread of the disease was label by the crowding of hospitals. On October 20, only a month later the initial impact of the illness was made apparent, the New York Chapter of the Red picky has made all of their facilities at the immediate disposal of all city and governmental officials.

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