Monday, February 25, 2019

Submit and Syllabus

Facts-During f entirely 2012, Simpson submitted a Syllabus identification. -Course course of instruction contains information about course requirements, grading procedures, and late or abstracted assignments. -Course plan informed students that Assignment 10 was due no later(prenominal) than 12pm, November 2, 2012. -Simpson turned in assignment at 1231pm on November 2, 2012 -Professor mule driver reduced Simpsons grade from 100 to 85. -Simpson had not asked for additional time to complete the assignment.Professor mule skinner admitted he would remove given an extension had Simpson asked for one. secrete Does Professor Skinner have the discretion to deduct an arbitrary emergence of points from a late assignment? Holding Yes, Professor Skinner does have the discretion to deduct an arbitrary number of points from a late assignment. reason The court cited that the fact that Simpson neither read nor understood the Syllabus Acknowledgement is irrelevant. Simpson signed and submi tted the Acknowledgement. Therefore Simpson agreed to follow the course requirements.He the violated those equipment casualty by wittingly submitting his assignment late. He is subject to a penalization for submitting his assignment late. Simpson should have been aware of his rights and duties as a student. Since he knowingly submitted his assignment late and/or failed to request additional time, Professor Skinner had the authority and discretion to impose the 15 point penalty. The course computer programme states that assignments are due on time. Late points may be utilize at the teachers discretion. (Syllabus, p.2)Students may submit requests for extra time. If granted, the instructor cannot deduct late point. The Syllabus Acknowledgement states, in plain English, that by signing and submitting the Acknowledgement the student avows that he had read the syllabus and agrees to all the course requirements. (S. A. p. 11) Simpson admitted that he submitted a Syllabus Acknowledge ment without reading it. The syllabus does not limit the instructors discretion in any way, therefore it is the decision of the court that the grade of 85 is upheld.

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