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An Understanding of the Teaching Called the New Age. Essay -- promotin

An understanding of the teaching called the unsanded geezerhood.Since the thole of human kind from the Garden of Eden, People began to seek out the graven im date. The longing to know and seek God had led human race to many a(prenominal) an(prenominal) different spiritual Understanding. We knew know that there are so many beliefs in this word. Ancient world seek Out God by worshiping god and goddesses. In the next stage, people started to question the Existence of god and start looking for answers about what God and how God is. This is Starting to kick in people to know what was referred to religion. However, it has not been Satisfactory to the human mind that in addition constantly evolving through time. Human start to Seek out God that can be accepting with common sense also execute our spiritual needs without Involving things that are out and cannot be proved by reason and knowledge. One of this Reasonable new belief is The red-hot age Teaching.The New AgeThis new beli ef can be tell a new belief that puts logic as its foundations. The trust which Focuses on the needs of human life both spiritually and materially. So what is this new age?1. The New age movement is loosely structured interlocking of individuals and Organizations who share a vision of new age of enlighten and musical harmony (Age or Aquarius) and who subscribe toA common worldview (Geisler dan Watkins 11)2.The Common worldview is based on Monism ( all in one), Pantheism ( all In God), And Mystic (the experience of wholeness with the Divine). (Eliot 15)3.Because it is so broad and organizationally diffuse, The new age movement cannot be Categorized as a cult by any reliable sociological definitions Of Cult. (Eliot 16)So based on that definitions a new age movement can catego... ...untering Religious Pluralism the Chalengge to Christian Faith and Mission. Downer Grove, InterVarsity, 2001.Geisler, Norman L and William Watkins. World A part A handbook on worldviews. Grand Rapids, Baker, 1989.http// business leader? n.d. 4 4 2014.http// n.d. 4 4 2014.https// n.d. 4 4 2014.Membuka topeng Gerakan Jaman Baru. Momentum (2000) 17-40.New age. 2012.Rhodes, Ron. New age movement. Michigan Grand Rapids, 1995.Tolle, Eckhart. A new basis Awekening to your lifes Purpose. New York Penquin Group, 2006.. The Power of 2012. 4 4 2011. 4 4 2014.Zakarias, Ravi and Norman L Geisler. Is Your Church Ready? Grand Rapids, Zondervan, 2003.

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