Monday, March 4, 2019

Change Management in the Learning Organization Essay

In this paper I intend to treat change management approaches that support the nurture geological formation philosophy. The study organization is defined as an organization that acquires intimacy and innovates fast enough to become and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Learning organizations (1) fabricate a culture that encourages and supports continuous employee learning, critical thinking, and risk taking with rising ideas, (2) allow mistakes, and value employee contributions, (3) learn from experience and experiment, and (4) disseminate the new knowledge throughout the organization for incorporation into day-to-day activities. On the other softwood we squander a process called change management which is defined as minimizing resistance to organizational change through involvement of key players and stakeholders. At my organization these two go hand in hand and it allows for us as a comp whatsoever to experience constant growth and victimization of our staff. Our employees atomic number 18 more willing to welcome change when we train them in the process.As businesses moves through the 21st century, they are becoming more low-level upon their managers to be change agents. These companies actually seek managers who can bring advantage to their organizations. Three of the characteristics we look for in our new managers are they must allow the ability to stimulate change, excellent planning capabilities, and ethics.Over the years I have spent in management I have knowing that success inbecoming a learning organization relies on a commitment to learning on the part of the organizations I have spurted for and the willingness of the individuals involved to be receptive to the change process. As a manager, what we normally can change falls into basically three categories citizenry, structure, or technology. An good manager will make alterations in these areas in an attempt to aid change. With people the change involves adjusting attitudes, expectations, perceptions, and probably most importantly behavior. Coaching people to adjust in these areas will help employees within the organization to accomplishment together more effectively. Changing structure relates to the job design, specialization, hierarchy and any other structural variables.These usually need to be flexible and non-static in order to be adaptable to change. When dealing with technological change we are looking at modifying work processes and methods along with the introduction of new equipment. To me learning organizations support the change process just as much as change management supports the learning organization philosophy. I say that because every change calls for some sort of learning as the more complete the change the more attention we have to place on learning for the individuals involved in the change. By utilizing the learning organizations philosophies companies including the one I work for are able to magnify the potential of its employee s which keeps them growing.Referenceswww.businessdictionary.comwww.morfconsulting.comLearning in accomplishment a guide to putting the learning organization to work/ David A. Garvin

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