Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Factual reporting, interpretation and distortion Essay

How argon distinctions make between factual reporting, interpretation and aberrance?This essay is going to single out the differences between factual reporting, interpretation and distorted shape. Factual reporting means that an break up or a statement is base on facts that are received and proven. Interpretation is an privates opinion and appreciation about a subject. It is not base on facts just just on opinions and theories. deformation is a way of delivering wrong information, move and wrongly explained information. It is based on facts exactly kind of turns them around.Factual reporting is the way of delivering an opinion/possibility based on true facts. An example of this is an article I shoot in Metro today, which was about conspiracies. The mavin that caught my eye was one that say that an airplane neer crashed into the Pentagon. This scheme was based on facts, which I never had heard of. For example, the surveillance camera of the Pentagon didnt show an airp lane but only a white line in the sky. some other liaison was that the hole in the Pentagon was way too sm each to take a shit been creased by an airplane.The write stated that the US Air force shot shoot flight 77, and to cover this up they blew up a part of the build without the workers boping anything about it. a worry no big wreck separate from the plane were found. This is a factual reporting as its based on true facts and it not created by opinions or own thoughts as in an interpretation. Also the idle landing is believed to be a fake. in that location are many facts that point against it. In a video from the moon the flag that Neil Armstrong put up was waving in the wind. And theres not supposed to be any wind on the moon. Also the shadows go in different directions and the shadow of the space shuttle should set on Armstrong, a good example of factual reporting. A theory based on facts.Interpretation is a theory based an individuals own opinion. A with child(p) exa mple of this is racists. The Nazis believe that barren or people with darker skin than westerners are worth less. This is a great example as this theory of theirs is based on their own opinions and have no actual facts to base it on. there is no proof that benighted people are worth less than white people.This is why its an interpretation. No facts or proof are involved in the theory. Another example of interpretation is Bin Ladin. The US government doesnt know that hes alive. The videos that they got from him are old now and he could be dead already. The US government think that he is alive because of the videos, but they have been bombing caves, cities and other places in hope of killing him, so he could be dead. This is interpretation as they base it on what they believe. There is no proof that hes alive.Distortion is when facts are wrong, perverted or inaccurate. Another definition is when two people disagree with one another. An example is if I say to Andreas, we have homew ork for tomorrow and he says we dont. This is distortion in a way. Another example is all kinds of magazines and television shows as they tent not to show all of their footage information. They deal what they dont want people to hear, which helps them things look negative and positive. This is a typical example of distortion as it twists the truth or the reality. a lot when you experience something and they write about it the next day in a newspaper, its never the same. You always say to yourself, Thats not exactly what happened. Sometimes the media exaggerate to find a big audience. They do what I like to call, Stretch reality. Its a clear case of distortion because they twist the truth or give an inaccurate point of view.As a conclusion or to answer the question I would like to say that the difference or the distinctions between factual reporting, interpretation and distortion is the amount of facts they are based on. Factual reporting is based on only facts to make a clear imag e of a theory, accompaniment or opinion. Interpretation is based on opinions but no facts. unless the people who made the theory, its only based on things that are going on inside those peoples heads. Distortion is based on facts but mostly told the opposite way or twisted to change the way people think of it. It often tries to make the facts inaccurate.

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