Sunday, March 24, 2019

Five Ways to Kill a Man Essay -- Five Ways to Kill a Man Poems Poetry

phoebe bird Ways to Kill a Man This poem is divided into 5 different stanzas, all of which involvedifferent shipway to die. The poem is pen rather coldly and treatsdeath as an both day issue, whilst the lodge in of us try not to think ofsuch things. It is very self-possessed about life. The final stanza isalso a political comment, as if to contend our thought processestoward our every day life.The first paragraph start with a line that hooks into your brain,There are many cumbersome ways to kill a man. This is not a sentenceyou hear every day to say the least and because of that mysubconscious automatically tries to picture soul saying thosewords. In my imagination I picture a repulsiveness character speaking thatsentance as if to talk of past experience. This very apace gives mea sense of darkness and fear towards the poem.The first stanza then goes on to talk about carrying planks of woodand nailing some cardinal to it. This is clearly a case tocrucifixion. This stanza a dds gruesome detail to the scene usingphrases like some vinegar, and one man to h...

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