Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Vs. Gasoline Essays -- Energy Power Global Warming

total heat give notice Cells Vs. accelerator Whos Down With HFC?ABSTRACTThe worlds crude supply is a diminish nonrenewable resource. Soon, a new open fire forautomobiles will be needed. Hydrogen supply cells may very comfortably become the chief replacement for gas pedal in our society.INTRODUCTIONIn our busy world today, we often find ourselves surrounded by vehicles. however how oftendo we ponder about by which means these vehicles ar running? Vehicles be provideed by gasoline,a gradually diminishing resource. As a replacement for this fuel, scientists have beenexperimenting with a new engineering science called heat content fuel cells.Swiss scientist Christian Friedrich Schnbein developed the principle keister the fuel cellin 1838. Then in 1932, the first prospered fuel cells were engineered by Francis Thomas Baconof Britain. The main type of hydrogen fuel cell is the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane, or ProtonExchange Membrane (PEM). In a PEM, electrons are separated from hydrogen atoms (at theanode), forming positively charged hydrogen atoms, or protons, and adept electrons. Then theprotons are drawn toward the oxygen atoms (at the cathode) on the other post of the membrane,where the electrons are forced to travel an alternate route to reach the hydrogen and oxygen. Bytraveling this alternate route, the electrons form a current, ergo energy. at a time the protons andelectrons meet with the oxygen, the byproducts created are water, heat, and some impurities(depending on the purity of the applied hydrogen). read Diagram 1 below (How PEM Fuel CellsWork).HFC 2Which fuel supply is more efficient hydrogen fuel cells or gasoline? To help reach averdict, we will be comparing their availability, toll and efficiency, and pollution pot... ...en Fuel a Clean and Secure Energy Future, The exsanguinous House,Retrieved sublime 2, 2005, fromhttp// Fuel Cell, July 31, 2005, Wikipedia The Free Enc yclopedia, Retrieved August 2, 2005,from http// How PEM Fuel Cells Work, Retrieved July 21, 2005, fromhttp// Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies Program, U.S. Department ofEnergy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Retrieved July 21, 2005, fromhttp// Hydrogen Production and Delivery, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, RetrievedJuly 21, 2005, from http// Tokyo Gas, Retrieved August 2, 2005, from http//

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