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Jane Eyre :: essays research papers

Jane Eyre was taken in by her Uncle Reed at a young age. He savord her and cared for her which made his wife very jealous. When Mr. Reed died, he quest that Mrs. Reed raise Jane as if she were her own child. She agreed by case-hardened Jane very badly. Jane, being of strong character, endured the endless hours of b tuckering from her evil first cousin posterior and the relentless insults from her aunt and cousins, Georgiana and Eliza. One day Mrs. Reed effectuate a way to finally get rid of Jane, she sent her to the Lowood instruct for girls. The girls had to make their own cloths, live in a filthy environment, and eat food that was barely good enough to eat. She was forced to endure the coarse living conditions of Mr. Brocklehursts school while the headmaster and his family lived in comfort. The stir of this school eventually caused an epidemic that caused the death of Janes best help Helen. This brought attention to the school and a nicer man took control of the facili ty. Jane finished her long time there and stayed for two more as a teacher. Eventually Jane became deteriorate of her surroundings and went go forth in search of a new life. She recognized the position of governess to a teentsy French girl named Adele. Adele was a little spoiled but soon started to accomplish a lot at a lower place the care of Jane. One day Jane meets the rude and unconventional Mr. Rochester. She eventually finds herself move in love with him when he brings a woman home. Jane has convinced herself that he is going to propose to the spoiled, snobby Blanche Ingram. Mr. Rochester proposes to Jane but at the wedding she finds out that he is already married. The strange noises in the attic that supposedly tot up from the drunk servant named Grace Poole rattling come from Bertha Mason, the insane wife of Mr. Rochester. Jane decides that the marriage would never work, runs away, and is forced to live on the streets. She is taken in by three nice people by the name s of Mary, Diana, and St. John Rivers. They help her get work and eventually tell her that they are really her cousins. She inherits money from her late uncle which she shares with her cousins. St. John asks her to marry him but she refuses because she does not love him.

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