Thursday, March 28, 2019

Nuclear advancements after the manhattan project Essay examples -- ess

Nuclear Advancements subsequently the Manhattan ProjectWhen the first atomic bomb was detonated in Alamogordo New Mexico on June 16, 1945, all the scientists involved in the Manhattan Project tacit the great denigrating power of radio-active isotopes. Although the atomic bomb was a in truth destructive force our world would not be as well be obliged without it. Because of the government funding involved in the project coupled with the postulate for an atom bomb, much research that otherwise may not have occurred took place in the US. The Manhattan project opened the door to nuclear advancements and applications.After World War II atomic research escalated into a frenzy. some countries were trying to duplicate what America had done. The great arms race had begun. Although these countries knew the destructive power of the atom, they did not fully understand its more peace-full slope, a side which helps us today with so much.The atom is used for many things in todays world. For example nuclear power plants are a much cheaper way of creating electricity. However, not only are they cheaper but they too help conserve the earths resources. Instead of burning millions of metric tons of coal in a year and polluting the air with harmful carbons, nuclear plants use fuel rods as their energy. These rods heat water, create steam, and retort electricity, while not giving off any harmful gases.Atoms and actinotherapy have many applications in agr...

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