Friday, March 22, 2019

Nuclear Tension Within North Korea and Iraq :: Korea Iraq Weapons Essays

Nuclear Tension Within wedlock Korea and IraqIntroductionIn recent years the issue of thermonuclear soldiers has become a growing concern in world politics. The unify States has taken on the self appointed role of world bully on this issue. believe it self the sole country with the ability to keep nuclear weapons, piece belligerently are striking out against former(a) countries that pursue nuclear weapons, or are believed to have them in their possession.Using the events of 9-11 as its cause, the unite States has launched a War on Terrorism in which it has bombed Afghanistan in hopes of destroying and determination the terrorists that attacked the United States. Following its strike against Afghanistan the United States turned its attentions to the dictator ibn Talal Hussein Hussein, and his alleged secret stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Against the will of many other countries the United States invaded Iraq in hope of sniffing out the secret nuclear weapons. As th e war was reaching it conclusion it became evident that the United States claims were wrong pertaining to Iraqs supposed stockpile of illegal weapons. The United States has now invaded Iraq, torn by its government and left a Viet-Nam type war raging with no real sense of conclusion, all based on a misgiving that Iraq was secretly holding weapons of mass destruction.North Korea near the end of 2003 stated that it has been secretly pursuing uranium enrichment to create nuclear weapons. They claim the flat coat for this illegal action is solely the fault of the United States, and that the pursuit is plainly for defense in the case of a United States attack. This paper will study the United States-North Korean relations over the past cardinal years, and then analyze the ways in which the issue of nuclear armament is being dealt with.The end will briefly touch on a very similar situation that is arising in Iran, and the constant pressure the United States is putting to have Iran pu t in violation of the Non-Proliferation agreement it entered into.History of US and North Korea Relations The mutual mistrust and animus between the United States and North Korea began in 1950 during the Korean War. On June, 25 1950 the Northern communists of Korea crossed the 38th parallel and attacked the southern part of Korea. North Korea was aided by Russia, who had supplied them with weapons and tanks.

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