Saturday, March 9, 2019

Signs and symptoms

Keep squirt calmness and help them do medicine. Phone farm and if it worsens call 999 Sickle cell anemia Fatigue, truncation of breath, dizziness, headache, cold hands and feet, pain Refer to care plan and predict provoke If needed Diabetes Passing urine more often than usual, tiredness, thirsty Refer to care plan and phone provoke if needed icteric pox Fever, rash, itchy Try to stop tike scratching, phone parent Conjunctively Itchy sticky eyes, red eyes, green go Stop child rubbing eyes, phone parent CroupDifficulty breathing, short barking cough Keep child calm and encourage to breathe, call parent if it persists Persistent Diarrhea and illness Pale, lifeless Encourage child to drink small sips of water, keep them calm in a unflustered area. Phone parent Very sentry and lifeless appearance URGENT Phone parent and 999 Phone parent Eczema Itchy dry rash Stop child scratching and remove them Impetigo Fluid filled blisters, itchy rash, red sores Call parent rubeola S sm artness cold, sore throat, swollen glands, pink rash MeningitisFever, headache, confusion, affected by light, stiff neck, rash Call 999 and parent Unconsciousness Lifeless, unresponsive clog for breathing put in recovery position call 999 and parent Continuing high temperature/Febrile convulsions Keep calm in quiet place call 999 and parent Severe headache Nauseous, vomiting, sensitive to light Persistent or strange crying Shock.

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