Saturday, March 23, 2019

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The Philosophy of Teaching concord to Dave Still very much in the developmental st era, the mere approximation of a philosophical idea creates a shiver. Older and more temporal than nearly students, experienced seems to fall shortstop when describing cultural diversity. Thinking wrong the box is just hard to do conventional go short of my teaching platform. The platform needs to consist of more than what exists in the trammel of books. Besides the eclectic mix of essentialism, and behaviorism, the underlining progressivism will be ever present. A history major, I believe there is more than what can be read in a book. The expressions, passion and theatrics just do non exist between the covers of textbooks. Teaching history from a book falls short of telling the story. It is full of epics, and lessons not just dates to grow. It is those lessons that our y issueh is lacking. The most concerning thing in todays schools is the lack of respect, for the instructor as well as the institution they represent. We live in a raw world full of true stories, not in the Beaver whirlybird world of perfection. Youth is wasted in the pursuit of a duel household reality. A parent at home to instruct ethics is increasingly becoming non-existent. Children are going through life with out mentors and roll models, except for what they see in the media. The belief that education should implicate the whole child is not lost here. I believe that an overt line of communication must exist between the student and the teacher. I do not believe in labels and stigmatisms that cubby hole whatever child. We as educators have a plethora of resources at our disposal to impart, at the same time remaining the all-important professional. Our job as teacher is not just to regurgitate facts but also to communicate their brilliance and value to the student and their life. It is said that a child will learn all they need to know to sur vive society before the age of seven. I do realize that the need for the basics is beyond reproach.

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