Thursday, March 21, 2019

What Is Enterprise Acrhitecture Essay -- Information Technology Essays

What is Enterprise architecture?Enterprise Architecture is the link mingled with strategy and implementation. It is a top down view of the structure of systems it includes the primaeval organization of a system, embodied by its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles channelize its design. It can be defined asA means for describing p arentage structures and processes that connect business There are four areas that are commonly accepted as the components of the overall frame work. These are line of business Process.This includes strategy, governance, organisation, and key business processes. The Data.This describes the structure of an organisations data assets.Applications.This provides an overview for the individual application systems to be deployed, their interactions, and their relationships to the business processes of the organization. Technology.This describes the logical s oftware and hardware that are compulsory to countenance the deployment of business, data, and application services. This includes IT infrastructure, networks, communications, processing, etc. It is can be used to sterilise the received view of the business process and also where the business wants to go and how to get there. It can be viewed as city planning for IT covering the overall business processes and IT assets, how theyre used, and how they should be built. What Impact could it have on the business?A strong Enterprise Architecture process overhauls to answer basic questions care What are the organizations business processes, and how is IT supporting those processes? In general, the essential reasons for developing an Enterprise... ...requirements of an organization. The required IS and business capabilities to achieve these requirements.It is important to include all relationships with external entities to help ensure proper integration with their systems.Required ch anges within the organization this.This includes identifying the gaps in the midst of where you are and where you want to be. Once agreement has been reached that this is right for the company and financing received for the key stakeholders the company then inevitably toAgree priorities for delivery.This needs to be planned in manageable stages to accommodate the companys capacity to handle change. The company should also keep in question the dependencies between one system and another or the possibility to make a motion systems in parallel during the change over. Develop the required solutions. Agree standards. formulate solutions.

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