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Good Deed report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Good Deed report - stress ExampleThe supervisor approved the commendation and agreed to send it the next day furthermore, he added a $300 bonus for Roseannes actions and a commendation for her trainer.The supervisor is pleased with Roseannes handling of the concerns of the node, which shows her dressing and personal fetch ethics, so he includes a bonus for her and a commendation for her trainer. He describes the work of customer representatives as sensitive emotional labor. He emphasizes the importance of bonuses in financially compensating excellent piece of work actions. This bonus shows that the company values exemplary employee attitudes and behaviors. In Roseannes case, it is impressive that after only cardinal weeks in the job, she shows remarkable dexterity in handling complex cases and infuriated customers. The supervisor further commends her trainer, who is besides happy with Roseannes performance. The trainer uses Roseanne as an example for new trainees.Customer servi ce agents are at the forefront of serving and making customers happy. If they do something right, they get a commendation and positive performance review. only when if they go beyond their duties and excel in doing so, they deserve a bonus. Hence, the supervisor approved the request and positively reinforced commendable workplace behaviors.Employees, who go above and beyond the call of duty, have to be decently commended to reinforce their good behavior. Reinforcement studies in the workplace suggest the importance of timing positive rewards in sustaining and spreading positive behaviors. On 25 September 2012, Roseanne Blythe, a customer service and sales agent, was intimately to end her shift when an irate customer called in. She did not only restore a disgruntled customers faith in the company, she also increased revenues, when that customer opened twenty accounts amounting to $5,000 every month. Hence, I recommend for her to get a public commendation for the positive performan ce

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Movie REVIEW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

plastic film REVIEW - Essay ExampleHe was someone who excelled in almost every task charge to him and it made Nick jealous of him and then starts the process of how professional jealously actually intervenes with the personal lives and tush take its toll on the performance of the employees working at each level.A closer formula at the character of Nick Falzone would suggest that Nick was working in a profession which was non only accentuateful in terms of work requirements but also had relatively higher employee turnover. callable to the difficult work situation, Nick was in a position to respond to the situations in a relatively tensed and stressful manner so that he not only can establish his say-so within the plane section but also establish himself as someone who is high performing and upon which department relies upon when required.It is also clear while watching this movie that competition or professional jealousy mingled with the employees not only hurt their person al lives or also their professional duties and responsibilities. it is evident that when competition between the employees can result into negativity and low productivity if the emotional side of the employees is not managed properly. The role of the organization therefore is of critical nature in such situations to help employees to balance their emotional and personal sides with efficient stress management at work and in personal lives.It is clear that Nick was following stress model because underlying his behavior was the stress which was arising from his deep rooted fears that he was working in an attention where jobs were relatively difficult and tough to perform. Apart from this, his personal life also seem to suggest that he was acting under the stress and was willing to do anything to preserve his ego and dominance over others. fundamental the stress model is the basic assumption of our behaviors being driven by the fear and love. It is

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Theory and Application Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Theory and action - Research Paper ExampleCenter of discussion in this paper is the possibleness as a systematic representation of a genuine problem, articulated as far as possible in mathematical terms in the natural sciences or logical (or strictly linguistic terms) in the disembodied spirit and social sciences. Theory fundamentalally refers to the research that leads to some conclusion regarding the hypotheses or that results in derivation of a hypothesis through experimentation. Practice is viewed as action that treats real things real acts, real teachers, real children, things richer and diametric from their theoretical representations. Application or practice as the word suggests is application of the knowledge i.e. it is the practical picture of the theoretical background. Since it the application that is usually important deliberateing it is the application or practice that basically judges the possibility hence it is important to integrate theory and practice. However , there is a significant respite between theory and practice. Especially, when it comes to the recent research being conducted, practitioners usually remain unaw are of them, that has resulted in a widening gap between theory and practice. Hence it becomes necessary to understand the differences that exist between theory and it application in order to apply theories better to practice. Mullen et al. while discussing the theory-practice relationship explain that even though most consider theory and practice to be part of same world but even so they let different existence and we need to learn of ways to integrate the two. In their paper, they suggest three basic modes of integrating the two. The three methods mentioned are metaphor, reflection and inquiry, and binocular vision. Regarding metaphor they state that Metaphor can be used to capture a flexible, creative, and analytic form of integrationsees metaphor as the use of a word, phrase, or image in place of another to imply a l ikeness or comparability(Mullen et al. 2005). They refer to the system where we can analyze the situation, understand the problem, interpret it in various terms so as to be able to think of different solutions to the problem and apply the solution that best suits the problem. formulation refers to the reflective conversation with the subjects involved. Mullen et al. (2005) refers to reflective practitioner as one who communicates with the subjects involved and thus gathers information that he utilizes in practice. However, it has a limited use since not all areas can utilize the method mentioned. Besides, communication skills are limited to individual abilities and hence do not provide a sure method for bridging the gap. Binocular vision refers to the concept where theory and practice are considered as the two lenses of the same binocular. Thus, they are considered as a part of the whole and are supposed to be naturally present in any given situation (Mullen et al. 2005). Explorin g the mentioned methods Mullen et al. suggest that theory and practice are not to be viewed as part of different phenomenon instead they always exist in a situation as a whole. Further, it is difficult to state whether theory follows practice or practice follows theory instead they co-exist like the lenses of a binocular. Hammond, Rosso, Orcutt, and Martin (2011) in their attempt to develop better educational practices

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Business Policy and Strategic Management Research Paper

Business Policy and strategic Management - Research Paper ExampleInternal functioning at Southwest Airlines Southwest held the quest after of baseborn cost airlines in USA for so many years. However, some internal hiccups led to an unlooked-for change in its structure and internal functioning. It was considered one of the best companies to work for but increased prod costs and rising fuel prices turned these cordial relations into sour ones. While employees started complaining of broken in wages, Southwest also suffered as strikes and complaints by employees deteriorated the culture at and image of Southwest. Distanced employee relations and September 11 attack worsened the situation and customer complaints also started rising because of increased demands for safety in flights and capacious ticketing process. Emergence of other low cost competitors like JetBlue and AirTran threatened the very existence of Southwest Airlines because of which sustaining low prices became a daunti ng task for Southwest. One implicit reason behind such subtle displacement was the change in leadership witnessed at Southwest. Herb Kelleher was the person who employees identified with. However, with Gary Kelly replacing Kelleher, problems started emerging as employees lost the bonding and affection they had with the company under the leadership of Kelleher (Katrina 2001).

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What is ideology Literature Review On Ideology Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What is political orientation On Ideology - literary productions review ExampleHowever, the meaning of ideology changed with tender-hearted and semipolitical development. Today, unalike scholars and philosophers are yet to check off on the meaning of ideology and hence they present distinct views related to ideology. Indeed, the term ideology and its mull over have been subject to a continued debate among re like a shotned political theorists (Freeden 2006, p. 3). Notably, ideology constitutes ideas that define gracious actions and objectives. The political theorists have been arguing about ideology in relation to the scienti?c standing of ideology, its epistemic status, and its totalitarian and liberal manifestations (Freeden 2006, p. 3). As such, ideologies assume a fundamental role in helping us to understand and design the modern political arena. Ideally, we have different political ideologies, which include liberalism, conservatism, socialism, feminism, and green politi cal thought. Nevertheless, philosophers have failed to explore the nature of these ideologies and establish a universal meaning of ideologies. As such, they have different views on ideology. For example, the German Ideology by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels presents the authors views on ideology, fabianism, philistinism, and revolution (Gasper 2004, p. 1). Another political scientist, Kenneth Minogue also uses communism to explain ideology. Indeed, Kenneth Minogue reckons that the collapse of communism did not mark the end of ideologies (Minogue 2006, p. 4-6). Furthermore, the German Ideology claims that historical fabricism assumed the position of an integral theory (libcom.org 2013, p. 1). The German Ideology criticizes Hegels view on socialism and consequently demonstrates that social conflicts, which are present in capitalism, leads to socialism (Gasper 2004, p. 1). More so, Kenneth Minogue notes that after the collapse of communism, we now have a collection of overlapping fr agments of revelation, which cooperate with each other in social slip (Minogue 2006, p. 8-11). More so, just like the other political theorists, who refer to socialism to address ideologies, Michael Freeden claims that the methodologies of studying ideologues perceive conceptual malleability and ideational pluralism, and offer bridges between identifying social facts and their inevitable interpretation (Freeden 2006, p. 3). This argument seeks to explain modern ideologies. The German ideology criticizes the proletarian world outlook (libcom.org 2013, p. 1) and their philosophy reflected the Germanys economical and political backwardness. We can establish that Karl Marxs support on radical democracy and human tone ending led him to communism. According to Marx in the German ideology, the starting point for understanding human society is real(a) human beings and the material conditions in which they live but not in the realm of ideas (Gasper 2004, p. 1). According to Marx, mater ial circumstances create the distinct ideologies and moral, religious, and other beliefs that humans possess (Gasper 2004, p. 1). The German ideology equally notes that existing material conditions produce communist revolution since there will be contradictions in capitalism. It also asserts that transformations in a society depend on the working class who possess material conditions and occupy a unique position in capitalism (Gasper 2004, p. 1). The German Ideology assumes that it is reality, which creates the mind, and the mind does not create reality. Indeed, Marx and Engels regarded the ideology as an upside-down sublimation, a set of re?exes and echoes of life process, of phantoms formed in the human brain detached from the world (Freeden 2006, p. 4). More so, Karl Marx assumes the hegemony of a uni?ed ideological position

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Path Toward Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Path Toward Success - Essay ExampleConcomitantly, it has resulted into the fore numerous confrontations experienced by the hospitality segment in the framework of its operational areas, for instance HRM, cross cultural communications and marketing management. These challenges have prompted the organizations operating in the service manufacture to implement strategies that help them to wisecrack services that mass create an impact on the customers, leading into presidential term of health organizational-customer relationships. These relationships if maintained well, can elicit customer loyalty as well as preference, resulting in a competitive knock against for the organization (Terrero 2009). With the contemporary issues that arise from the competitive environment of the hospitality industry, this essay allow for outline several(prenominal) of the modern themes that have penetrated the market as strategies to improve the customer relationship and establish competitiveness. Add itionally, some challenges will be identified, with discussion of some steps that can ensure that these obstacles can be overcome. Contemporary Themes fifty-fifty though superlative services provided is constantly at the hotelier forefront, both the hospitality education providers and the hotel industry are responding to transformations in the contemporary consumer and market trends (Laskarin, 2013). This has led to development or embracing of different elements in order to tailor their services and products to what fundamentally matters to this novel customer generation. The following is a discussion of trinity contemporary themes that have been embraced by the hospitality industry in an attempt to maintain competitive positions. affectionate Media in the Hospitality Industry Withiam (2012) highlights that the easy internet accessibility and the augmenting recognition of social media amid tourists have overt extensive prospects to impact travel decisions. Above 75% of tourists, look the social media to attain travel-related review and training prior to procure and hotel bookings. On the other hand, 32% of the tourists do not book or purchase travel accommodations with no reading reviews first. Mihaiu (2013) outlines that realizing the escalating latency of social media, the hospitality industry is now influencing travelers on search platforms and competition inside the social room, a practice that has turned out to be more powerful. This is with the establishment of novel platforms for instance Google Plus. Moss (2011) agrees that with regard to a survey performed by Hubspot, the current most widespread platforms marketers wear YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Of these platforms, the most extensively applied by hospitality marketers are YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to increase bookings and promote search. Hotels that score greatest in social media commitment comprehend the wants of the novel generation, which involve instant satisfact ion and then they are continually reacting to responses in a distinctive and non-corporate method (Mihaiu, 2013). When this is merged with recompensing the guests with invariable deals and incentives, it acquires more following and supporters on the organizations social media platforms. Personalization in the Hospitality Industry Currently, personalization is compelling hospitality organizations into a shift of mindset from producer-led fragmentation to consumer-driven preference (Hotels 2020, 2012). Much has been developed

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Lab Report ExampleOn the shortest axis, the dynamic snatch of inertia was more than the unruffled inertia. This also applies to the yenest axis where the dynamic moment is far more large than the tranquil.The difference spy from the determined dynamic and static moment of inertias is an illustration that the rotational axis has a core enjoyment in rotational motion. In normal case, especially where there are no deformations, the dynamic moment of inertia and static moment of inertia are equal, except for small errors that may result from data-based undertakings. The difference exhibited between the two moments of inertia can be attributed to the change in the rotational axis. As the axis is moved from the shortest hole to the longest hole, the deformation (change) contributes to the change in the resistance of the object to angular acceleration. Just like in linear motion where, when the object is rotated about a long axis, the acceleration is likely to reduce as compared to w hen subjected to a shorter axis.Further, the clangor was also determined to be a contributing factor to the difference between static and dynamic moment of inertia. Intuitively, dynamic cases are supersensitized to friction effect because of the movement exhibited, unlike in static where an object is fixed. As shown by the higher(prenominal) value of dynamic moment of inertia than static moment of inertia, friction had a stake in this. In which case, friction resulted to a too high value for Id during the experiment. Friction force acts in slow down the rotational acceleration consequently enforcing the ability of the object to resist the angular acceleration. Consequently, addition of friction adds to the resistance of the object to friction, which in turn increases the total dynamic moment of inertia. In the case of static moment of inertia, there is no friction exhibited consequently the resistance (moment of inertia) is not in any modal value affected.The results show that th e rotational kinetic

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Imperialism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Imperialism - Essay mannikinIndeed, a critical analysis of available facts indicates that imperial working out was initially motivated by stinting considerations but soon assumed a political rationale.Imperialism was initiated by economic imperatives. By the seventeenth and 18th centuries, a number of British and European companies had begun to expand abroad, chief amongst which was the East India Company (Penrose, 1975). These companies, all of whom be the economic interest of the British and European elite and ruling classes, were eventually confronted by local and matter resistance to their interests. In order to secure the interests of these companies and, in turn, that of the governing elite, Britain initiated the phenomenon of colonialism (Penrose, 1975). Through the economic, political and military subordination of foreign territories, Britain position itself to secure and promote the interests of the companies in question.Just as imperialism was instigated by economic i mperatives, expansion into Africa was motivated by the bid for economic growth and the accumulation of wealth.

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Private School Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Private School fostering - Essay ExampleThat would enable the government to support education without necessarily maintaining everyday institutions. The champions of this verifier form also say that the one-size-fits-all public school frame is inappropriate as the model does not cater to the different needs of the students.Opponents of the voucher system, on the other hand, say that it is unfair to bribe public money meant for public schools and channel the same into the buck private school where the public has no oversight over how the funds would be used. There is also fear that the private school system may only help to further segment the universe alongside religious, social class and other lines. It is entirely possible that the introduction of the voucher system in private schools would provide a magnet for students in public schools. Faced with a larger applicants pool, private schools would then find it easier to reject applicants deemed undesirable. Unlike public sch ools, private schools are not obliged to take in one and all.Why the private school vouchers system issue so polarizing Part of the dissolving agent lies in the way it has been promoted. California was among the first states to flirt with private schools voucher way back in 1993. A proposal was brought into the legislature of the state that would throw off taken away as much(prenominal) as 10 per cent of public school funding, with a possibility of further increases on the card if more than students moved from public to private schools (Rushefsky, 2002, p. 396). The issue is a political hot potato so much that George W. Bush stopped talking about it in the 2000 election primaries. Two powerful arguments already modern are essential for a balanced view on the issue. And this article will chronicle the vouchers postulate and will attempt to close the difference between the two sides through critically analyzing the pros and cons of the voucher system in private schools.Recurring discussions on the depicted objects are decidedly one-sided. And once a path has been identified, for more an author on the topic, there is no turning back. Two critically acclaimed works on the topic include Rhetoric Versus Reality done by four RAND researchers Gill, Tiampane, Brewer, Ross and Booker (2007). This give-and-take does a fairly good job examining the theoretical underpinnings of vouchers and charter schools and tables the empirical data on their efficacy. The book also looks at how several policy formulations such as the funding, eligibility criteria, academic standards and accountability, may affect the success of the program. Some issues which have yet to be addressed are raised, and although the book is not conclusive on those issues, it leaves room for a more robust consideration of the issues in the future.The other important work on the topic is The Education prisonbreak by Howell and Peterson (2002). Compelling evidence is tabled that African Americans hav e greatly benefited from the voucher system. Overall, The Education Gap is illustrative on the practicability of the voucher program in private schools and emphatically so in poor urban environments. The point of convergence for both books is that the authors favour random field trials. The sheer great deal of applications that are usually stock reduces the voucher program into some form of the wager so that those who received the vouchers were merely lucky than needful. There are other studies/articles on the subject. Breaking These Chains is a book by Daniel McGrory, a former Whitehouse speechwriter that in an evangelical fashion roundly criticizes the public school system (1996).

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Domain II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Domain II - Essay ExampleThis does not exclude limited services for children and cargon for elderly or the geriatric group whose demands are considered nutrition status indicators (Hess, 2011, p.204).Populations with special(a) Needs Existing community support systems like community service agencies offering social service, religious, education, shelters, cater and food stamp programs, among other things, must be tapped through proper collaboration. (Hess,2011, p. 205).Nutrition Related wellness Risks and Problems At Various Stages of Life Nutritional factors such as bad nutrition and bad habits front common health problems and group risks to pregnant women, infants and children, adolescents, adults and elderly groups, ending up with illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, misshapenness of teeth and bones, cancer, anemia, among others (Hess, 2011, p. 206-207).National surveillance systems Surveillance is an approach for collecting data on health and nutrition al status on a regular or repeated basis. National surveillance systems established involve Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PEDNSS) Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System (PNSS), among others (Hess, 2011, p. 210).National Surveys Surveys are varying techniques of collecting accurate data to draw valid analysis on the targeted problem. Mostly, food utilisation surveys were conducted to evaluate the nutritional status of selected areas and populations in a given period of time (Hess, 2011, p211-212).National, state and local reference data derived from the conducted national and local surveys, such as the National Health and Nutrition interrogative Survey (NHNES) I (1971-1975), NHNES II (1976-1980) and NHNES III (1988-1994), Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), offspring Risk Surveillance System (YRSS), among others, were purposely used as reference data to do explore base, community

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The concepts of constructivism and speech communities beyond language Essay

The concepts of constructivism and pitch communities beyond phraseology - Essay Exampletilize kindlyly loaded linguistic resources to construct the interactions that they are assiduous in, as well as their own identities, or social objects. The paper explores how non-linguistic aspect of the social introduction should be understood about socially inscribed meanings, and also outlines how a groups agreement of meanings can be imposed on another group.Non-linguistic elements encompass features such as gestures and written symbols that do not constitute language, unless when they manifest within the language framework. Non-linguistic features of the social worlds manifest in the form of action, identification, and representation. Non-linguistic features of the social world may be a way of interacting within social events. Spoken words often employ non-linguistic cues such as gestures, gaze, and facial expressions. Non-linguistic form of meaning can be derived instances in which a set sign is linked to another event naturally devoid of requirement for a conventional association between the two such as a natural association between clouds and rain. In some cases, the meaning of an expression is considered to lie within its consequences. Some of the non-linguistic meanings derive from natural history such as the connection between predator and prey, which manifest powerful intrinsic (life and death) meaning for people (Gonzalez & Bovone, 2012). significance can be applied to describe the internal workings of the mind, separately from any linguistic activity. such a meaning is highly psychological, whereby some communication by body language may come from bodily signals, which draw form human instinct as highlighted by examples such as tears, blushing, erections, and leap out reaction. Language has been shown to interface with non-linguistic aspects of mental representation (Eller, 2009). Language can impact on non-linguistic cognition, which draws from th e understanding that language does not only mirror conceptual representation, but rather can impacts and

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Response #1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response 1 - Essay Examplethe lives of the manual labourers, he himself pass time as a manual worker at a blast furnace in Hungary, at an engineering factory in Chicago, at a furniture factory in Russia and at an responsibility in Zambia. He undertook each of these experiences with a scientific and unbiased spirit so as to allot authentic material for his research on genialism.Burawoys theory of the treated slip-up method necessitates b atomic number 18-ass and reflexive interaction between the researcher and his subjects. He believed that the research scholars must try to extend their declare experiences into the lives of their subjects. They should refrain from thrusting their own principles on them as it makes their analyses shallow and biased. To yield successful in-depth analysis, researchers must tender to spend prolonged durations at mines, factories, offices and other study sites. They must adopt a bottom-to-top approach in order to gain and convey a more genuine and reliable analysis of the processes of globalization. This extended case method of research and theorising has gained huge popularity worldwide in the sphere of social sciences.The extended case method, in its search for the unforeseen aspects of social truth, attempts to use social occurrences as a tool to refute handed-down theories. It clearly lists out the elements that one can usually anticipate at a study site. It aims to extend the same law as an account to as many phenomena as possible, while admitting the impact of immaterial forces in the creation of social situations. It seeks to reveal the effects of the macro environment on the micro environment. The social situations are not used to explain or elaborate the already existing theories, but are preconceived as anomalies to the accepted truth. The existing social theories are then looked up to for seeking an explanation of the anomalous situation. The areas where the existing theories are rendered inadequate are used as a scope for revision, fudge factor and innovation.

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East and Central European countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

East and interchange European countries - Essay Exampleuted leaders of technological change argon the countries of Western Europe, the United States and Japan, with a high technological culture and monopolize major breakthrough technology of recent decades, in fact already entered the phase of post-industrial development, successfully addressing the socio-economic objectives. In pursuit of the leaders the countries of sou-east Asia and China stepped up on the way to build the innovation economy. (Lavigne, 1992)In recent years, many countries of Central East Europe and CIS are actively moving towards the socio-economic modernization and striving for adapting to the rapidly growing processes of globalization, as well as announced an innovative course as a priority in their development. However, none of the post-socialist countries has been able to coalesce in terms of technologically advanced countries, being mainly on the periphery of the global economy.The al-Qaeda of the struc tural change and technological upgrading of Central/East European countries is the policy of their governments, aimed at creating a approbative investment climate, ensuring a serious income of foreign investment. In general foreign companies by the end of 2003, invested in the economies of Central/East Europe 162 billion dollars. About the number of foreign investment in guinea pig economy of these countries shows the percentage of volume of accumulated investments in GDP, which amounted for Czech Republic 52%, Hungary - 44, Slovakia - 40%. (Inglot, 2008)Among the major foreign investment companies operating in the market in these countries, there are such well-known multinationals as Opel, Volkswagen, PSA, Audi, Toyota, Daewoo, General Motors, Nokia, Philips, Bosh, IBM, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Electronics, Ford, Suzuki, Sony, Sanyo, Electrolux and others in the field of view of their interests are mainly in the car industry, electronics, manufacturing of computer and telecommunications equipment, pharmaceuticals and chemical

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The Christian Ministry in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Christian Ministry in Africa - Essay ExampleOne of the main difficulties of effectively presenting Christ to Muslims ashes ignorance on important issues such as on the volume, the life of Muhammad, traditions, Muslim beliefs on Christ and prejudices and amicable beliefs of Islam. An effective missionary ought to demonstrate the highest level of sympathy and a rare appreciation of the important organic truths Christianity and Islam have in common. One should exhibit Christianitys superiority in life and in ism by admitting the Islam doctrines excellences and life but then immediately prove the superiority of Christianity. This is a trait that is absent-minded in most of the missionaries that attempt to preach Christ to Muslims and one that if properly mastered could be a certain game changer. Arrogant Approach from Missionaries and their Inconsistent Lifestyles At heart, Muslims are not satisfied with Muhammad as a suitable figure as a clear tale of his character and life as indicated in the Quran greatly stands out and shocks them. Traditions whitewash fails to wipe away the inconsistencies in his conduct where for instance, his relations with women present great moral difficulties to many Muslims who are starting to think in higher terms of ethics. A missionary, with great sensitivity and care not to offend his Muslim listeners, should confidently challenge a comparison between the life of Christ and that of Muhammad even as presented in the Quran itself (again highlighting the relevance of a missionarys knowledge of the Quran).

Experiential learning as posited in the work of Kolb and other Assignment

Experiential encyclopedism as posited in the fix of Kolb and other scholars - Assignment ExampleLife Learning Using Kolb Cycle about habitual Personal Speaking ExperienceIntroductionDavid Kolbs learning entitles model was first published in 1984 and introduced harm such as experiential learning theory (ELT) and learning styles inventory (LSI). Kolbs work entitled Experiential Learning Experience As The Source Of Learning And Development reports experiential learning account earlier including the work of Jung, Piaget and Rogers. The learning theory posited by Kolb is one that states there atomic number 18 4-spot specific learning styles and these are framed in a four-stage cycle of learning. The four-stage cycle is stated by Kolb to embarrass (1) cover Experience (CE)(2)Reflective Observation (RO)(3)Abstract Conceptualization (AC) and(4)Active Experimentation (AE). ( subscriber line Balls, 2011)The four learning styles stated by Kolb include those as follows (1)Diverging (C E/RO)(2)Assimilating (AC/RO)(3)Converging (AC/AE) and(4)Accommodating (CE/AE) (Business Balls, 2011)The avocation illustration is a diagram that shows the learning styles and learning types as posited in the work of David Kolb. Figure 1 Source Business Balls (2011) The preferred learning style of the soul varies from one person to the other and the factors that act the preference of learning style are many a(prenominal). The developmental stages identified by Kolb in learning include those as follows (1) Acquisition from birth to adolescence and include the development of the individuals most basic of abilities and the individuals erudition (2) Specialization early work and individual experiences in adulthood when specialized learning style of the individual is influenced by social, educational, and organizational socialization and (3) Integration mid-career into later life of the individual when the individual expresses the non-dominant learning style in their work life and in their personal life. (Business Balls, 2011) Kolb held that the learning style is the result of two pairs of variables. These are conceived as lines of bloc in which each has conflict at either end as follows Concrete Experience CE ( tonicitying) -----V-----Abstract Conceptualization AC (thinking) Active Experimentation AE (doing)-----V-----Reflective Observation (watching) A typical creation of the two continuums of Kolb is stated to be that the Processing Continuum or the east-west axis is how the individual approaches a task and the north-south axis or the Perception Continuum is the individuals emotional response and how they think about or feel about the task. The learning styles are the two lines of axis combined and these are formed between what Kolb states are dialectically related modes of grasping experience (doing or watching) and transforming experience (thinking or feeing). The following illustration labelled Figure 2 in this study shows the conception of these two axis. Figure 2 Source Business Balls (2011) Concrete experience is knowledge that is gained through practical experience while reflective observation has its focalise on what the meaning of the experience is to the individual. The work of Wirth and Perkins (nd) report that there have been calls for new kinds of learning from many different parts of society. Student surveys are reported to indicate that courses are not interesting, that students fail to screw the value of what they are learning, and that many faculty rely too heavily on lectures for transmitting information. (Wirth and Perkins, nd) It is reported that Fink (2003) reported that society and individual learners now have different needs, both in terms of what people need to learn and how they can and should learn. (Wirth and Perkins, nd) The work of Gardiner (1994) listed critical competencies for workers and citizens including the following competencies (1) Personal responsibility (2) expertness to act in princi ples, ethical fashion (3) Skill in oral and written

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Jehovah Witness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

nobleman Witness - Essay ExampleFounded in the year 1874, the teachings and beliefs on the church building Adventist theological teachings were adopted into the Watchtowers teachings (Garraty and Carnes, 92), and has twain magazine publications the WATCHTOWER and the AWAKE (King, 443). The bible used by the Jehovah obtain is known as the- new world translation, this bible version is different from other bibles in two different verses, John 11 858 and Hebrews 18, though there argon other different passages that have been adopted to support Jehovah Witnesses doctrines. Jehovah source is a Christian sect with distinctive religious practices and rituals that appear to be dissimilar to other Christian churches and organizations hence, this paper therefore explores the practices of this Christian sect in comparison to the Baptist church in south Florida. This is a very polemic and aggressive religious group in south Florida, which bans pursuit of higher education amongst their membe rs, and instead encourages ev freshal activities. In addition, the group only allows marriages amongst fellow members of the group and practices door to door campaign of their teachings and amongst the members, and it is only the junior members of the group who do a lot of this work. Jehovah witness is also known as the Watchtower friendship has the following theological beliefs, practices and rituals such as they ban their members from celebrating any holidays and birthdays. Their members are banned from taking partition in flag salutes, harming in civil duties, participating in politics or engaging in war like activities. Furthermore, members are non allowed to transfuse blood, allowed to make minimal contact with people, who are non members of Jehovah Witness, even if it is their family and friends and also avoid contact with former members of the sect. Members of the Society are also not allowed to pursue higher education or limited pursuit of higher education they outlaw particular thinking and arguments. Literature materials which are written by members are banned if such pieces of materials are deemed as being critical of the society or if the materials paint the society in a bad light. Non members of the Jehovah Witness religious group are banned from attending churches sermons and prayers, in addition, the members are not allowed to set about religious broadcasting, instead they have to perform house to house proselytizing (Gruss 296). Comparison between Jehovah witness and the Baptist church in south Florida Jehovah witness in south Florida inserted the name Jehovah to tack the word God, and that Jehovah alone is the Father. Conversely, in other mainstream churches such the Baptist they draw their beliefs form the Roman Catholic of the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, the Watchtower believes that Jesus is the created Archangel whereas the Baptist believes that Jesus is not a creation, He is the most(prenominal ) high- the Almost God. In the scriptures of the Baptist bible, this is proclaimed in Revelation 17-8, 17, 18, 28, 2212-13, 20 Isaiah 96 4424, 4812 John 13 Hebrews73 and John 13. Jehovah Witness believes that it is Jehovah who raised Jesus from death in a form that is angelic and without the human body. Baptists on the other hand believe that on the third day later his death, he resurrected from the dead in a physical human form, shown in the books of Luke 2439 Acts 1731, John 218-22 and Philippians 25-11. Jehovah Witness believe that the Holy Spirit is a consideration of God and the Holy Spiri

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Community Health Social Care Essay Example for Free

Community wellness sociable c atomic number 18fulness EssayWel nonplus to the Foundation Degree in Community Health and Social C atomic number 18 offered in partnership with a number of Further Education colleges, and validated by the University of Wolverhampton. Foundation Degrees are a vocationally focused higher education qualification located at intermediate take in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications. This foundation degree has links with local and national employers ensuring that skills are developed through work-based learn, which is a major part of any foundation degree.This combined with higher-level knowledge and reason reinforces and supports the development of vocational skills. Although the University of Wolverhampton has validated the foundation degree, the arena exit take place in wholeness of the partner colleges. In the following pages you will find a brief description of the programme, the modules and other selective information that we t hink you will find useful. More detailed information about each module will be given by module leaders during your studies. We have also included exposit of awards that you whitethorn wish to progress onto after you smash the foundation degree.We work closely with the course leaders in all colleges. Arrangements will be made for you to visit the University. We look forward to seeing you then. If you have any issues or concerns that you wish to discuss please contact your course leader at your college. 2About this Guide The get of this guide is to provide you with information about the modules offered within the Foundation Degree. In addition to the information contained in this Pathway Guide, you will need to be aware of The University Academic Principles and Regulations, which are available from the university web site.These regulations inform how the credit system operates, and the number of credits that must be studied at different levels in order to qualify for the different awards offered. Each college will arrange their own timetable the course leader at your college will make you aware of this. All modules on the Foundation Degree in Community Health and Social Care are compulsory. On successful completion of the Foundation Degree, you will be awarded a pass. The University can also provide you with a formal transcript of your module results if you wish.If you decide to complete end your studies after successfully completing year One, you whitethorn be eligible for a security of Higher Education. At the end of this guide you will find information on further study at the University of Wolverhampton. Introduction to the Health and Social Care Subjects The Foundation Degree provides an educational opportunity for undergraduates who come from a variety of backgrounds. The Foundation Degree aims to provide appropriate academic health and social wish teaching for a wide variety of students, from across the NHS and the health and social care arena.The a ward may be studied on a full or part time basis. Full details of this can be found by asking the contact at your local college. We may be able to award some students credits for specific modules if they can demonstrate that they have already met the learning objectives. This is known as Accreditation of Prior Achievement. Please discuss this with the tutor at your college in the first instance. It is expect that all student will have work experience (this can be paid or unpaid) within the Health or Social Care field.

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A Report on Hans Binker Essay Example for Free

A Report on Hans Binker analyseIn Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, Mary Mapes Dodge tells the story of Hans Brinker, a fifteen year out of date boy, and Gretel, his sister. Hans finds himself responsible for his family after his fathers accident. Theres a pretty pair just coming upon the ice The little ragpickers Their skates must(prenominal) have been a present from the king direct. this is said of Hans and Gretel by Carl, a rich boy who sees the devil go unto the ice with their wooden skates. Here we see how Hans and his family fares compared to the rest of the townspeople they are one of the poorest families.Their father, Raff Brinker, became handicap after an accident. One day Hans and Gretel learn of a race in which silver skates are to be the prize. Meanwhile, Hans by chance sees Dr. Boekman, a famous old doctor, and convinces the doctor to treat his father. Hans and Gretel eventu every last(predicate)y obtain mark skates needed to join in the contest, and Gretel wins the silver skates. The doctor manages to treat Raff successfully, and Raff remembers where he hid some treasure, and all goes well in the end. One constant problem is the conflict between Han personal wants and his sense of accountability and morality.For example, when he finds the purse that contained some money, he must decide whether to keep it or return it when Hans wants to drop down the money on steel skates, while knowing that his family could really use the money and the dilemma on how he should react to those who humiliate him because of his poverty. The sustain contains a lot of textbook descriptions, which I think does not work in the its favor, as it is unlikely that a reader will pick a book with the intention of simultaneously reading a good story and textbook material on a countrys history and geography.With all the fiction encountered by modern people todayon television, books, moviesthe story of Hans Brinker comes make as somewhat hackneyed, but of course this was probably not the case in the 1860s, when the author wrote the book. I would not say that I actual learned anything from the book. At best, it reminds the reader of the continued existence of the highly poor even in these modern times. And of course the the book reminds us of the importance of the usual virtuousness of the heart of of advantages in life that are only superficial and ultimately meaningless.

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Health & Social Care Essay Example for Free

wellness Social Care EssayAi Identify four key pieces of Legislation and Codes of Practice relating to use learning in social charge setting.1). Data Protection present 1998 Gives rights to individuals in respect of in the flesh(predicate) data held ab verboten them. It also seeks to protect individuals with regard to the processing of individualised data.2). Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Freedom of Information Act reachs you the right to ask any public sector organisation for any the recorded information they have on any subject. Anyone can make a invite for information there are no restrictions on your age, nationality or where you live. If you ask for information about yourself, then your request will be handled under the Data Protection Act.3). Employees Policies Procedures To make sure that all records that are unploughed in the office are put away in a locked secure cabinet. And when you write out the daily report sheet in the Care object Book, make sure that the Care Plan Book is closed and not left open.4). Health and Social Care Act 2008 requires us to bring on a code that sets out the practice we will follow in obtaining, handling, using and disclosing confidential personal information.Aii Explain how legal requirements and codes of practice affect the day to day work of a social apportion worker in relation to handling information.It is important to follow the codes of practice in everything you do in your day to day work. For example, I personally had a situation a while ago where my reparation service user was in hospital for a couple of months, and a friend of Mr Ts approached me and asked if I could give her the key safe code so she could go into to his property and clean round and get him slightly shopping. I told her that I could not give her Mr Ts key safe code as it is my duty of care not to give out any information that was entrusted to me. And if I gave it to her then I would be breakout the codes of practi ce and my employees policies and procedures.

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The House in Zapote Street Essay Example for Free

The House in Zapote Street EssayQuijano de manila is the pen name of snick Joaquin. He started writing before the war and his first story, Three Generations has been hailed as a masterpiece. He has been receiver of almost both the prestigious awards in literature and the arts, including the National Artist Award for Literature in 1976. He was also conferred, among other recognitions, the Republic Cultural Heritage Award for Literature in 1961, the journalist of the Year Award in the early 1960s, the Book of the Year Award in 1979 for his Al sliceac for Manileos, the theme Book award for several of his works, the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature, Creative Communication Arts (the Asian counterpart of Nobel Prize) in 1996, and the Tanglaw ng Lahi Award in 1997. Dr. da Vinci Quitangon, a soft- intercommunicaten, mild-mannered, cool-tempered Caviteno, was lighten yellowish browncy-free at 35 when he re saturnine to Manila, subsequently six years abroad. Then, at the University of Santo Tomas, where he went to reach, he met Lydia Cabading, a medical intern. He equal her quiet ways and began to date her steadily. They went to the movies and to b gather upetb every(prenominal) games and he took her a number of times to his fireside in Sta. Mesa, to meet his family. Lydia was and so only 23 and looked wish a sweet unspoiled girl, and at that place was a slight air of mystery ab break her. Leonardo and his chum salmons noniced that she almost never spoke of her mansion dwelling house life or her childhood she retrievemed to support no gay early memories to sh atomic number 18 with her l every(prenominal) over, as sweethearts usually crave to do. And whenever it looked as if she might harbour to stay stunned late, she would say Ill contrive to tell my aim first. And off she would go, wherever she was, to tell her father, though it meant pass all the way to Makati, Rizal, where she zippyd with her parents in a modern menag e on Zapote Street.The Quitangons understood that she was an only child and that her parents were, in that respectfore, over-zealous in looking later her. Her father usually took her to school and arrested her afterward classes, and had been k straight offn to threaten to arrest materialisation men who stared at her on the streets or pressed too close against her on jeepneys. This high-handedness seemed natural enough, for Pablo Cabading, Lydias father was a appendage of the Manila Police Depatment. After Lydia finished her internship, Leopardo Quitangon became a regular insureor at the habitation on Zapote Street he was helping her prepare for the climb on exams. Her family seemed to like him. The generate Anunciacion, struck him as a mousy woman unable to speak save at her husbands bidding. There was a foster son, a little male child the Cabadings had adopted. As for Pablo Cabading, he was a fine strapping man, an Ilocano, who gave the impression of being taller than he was and looked e really inch an agent of the law full of brawn and guts and tug, and smoldering with vitality. He was a natty dresser, liked y surfacehful colors and styles, decorated his house with pictures of himself and, at 50, looked younger than his inarticulate wife, who was real ii years younger than he.When Leonardo started frequenting the house on Zapote Street, Cabading told him ill be frank with you. n iodin of Lydias boy friends ever uttermosted ten minutes in this house. I didnt like them and I told them so and do them get knocked out(p). Then he added laying a hand on the young doctors shoulder alone I like you. You are a good man. The rest of the household were two very young maids who spoke almost no Tagalog, and two very fierce dogs, chained to the front access in the day time, unchained in the front yard at night. The house of Zapote Street is in the stream architectural clich the hoity-toity Philippine split-level suburban stylea half-story perched above t he living area, to which it is bound by the slope of the roof and which it overlooks from a balcony, so that a person standing in the sala can see the entres of the bed rooms and bathroom righteous above his head. The house is painted, as is also the current fashion, in various delicate shades, a different color to every three or four planks.The inevitable piazza curves slightly two sides of the house, which has a strip of lawn and a low wall all around it. The Cabadings did non view as a car, that the house provides for an even offtual garage and driveway. This, and the furniture, the shell lamps and the fancy bric-a-brac that clutters the narrow house indicate that the Cabadings had not only risen high enough to justify their split-level pretensions but were expecting to go higher. Lydia took the board exams and passed them. The lovers asked her fathers permission to wed. Cabading laid down two conditions that the wedding would ba a lavish one and that was to have a bun in the oven a downy of P5.000.00.The young doctor verbalise that he could afford the big wedding but the big dowry. Cabading shrugged his shoulders no dowry, no marriage. Leonarado spent some frantic weeks scraping up cash and managed to see P3.000.00. Cabading agreed to reduce his price to that amount, then laid down a final condition after the wedding, Lydia and Leonardo mustiness make their home at the house on Zapote Street. I built this house for Lydia, said Cabading, and I want her to live here even when shes married. Besides, her mother couldnt bear to be separated from Lydia, her only child. There was nothing. Leonardo could do but consend.Lydia and Leonardo were on September 10 break year, at the Cathedral of Manila, with Mrs. Delfin Montano, wife of the Cavite governor, and Senator Ferdinand Marcos as sponsors. The reception was at the Selecta. The status gods of Suburdia were properly propitiated. Then the newlyweds went to live on Zapote Street and Leonardo almost immediately realized why Lydia had been so reticent and hush-hush about her home life. The cozy family group that charmed him in courtship days turned out to be rather too cozy. The entire household revolved in submission around Pablo Cabading. The daughter, mother, the foster-son, the maids and even the dogs trembled when the lifted his voice. Cabading liked to brag that was a killer in 1946 he had shot dead two American soldiers he caught robbing a neighbors house in Quezon City. Leonardo engraft himself inside a family turned in on itself, self-enclosed and self-sufficient in a house that had no neighbors and no subscribe for any.His chum salmons say that he made more friends in the neighborhood within the couple of months he stayed there than the Cabadings had made in a year. Pablo Cabading did not like what his to stray out of, and what was not his to stray into, his house. And within that house he wanted to be the center of everything, even of his daughters honeymoon. W henever Leonardo and Lydia went to the movies or for a ride, Cabading insisted on being slangn a large. If they seated him on the patronize scat while they sat unneurotic in front, be raged and glowered. He wanted to sit in front with them. When Leonardo came home from work, he must not tarry with Lydia in the bedroom chatting both of them must come down at erst to the sala and talk with their father. Leonardo explained that he was not much of a talking Thats why I throw off in love with Lydia, because shes the quiet type too.No matter, said Cabading. They didnt have to talk at all he would do all the talking himself, so long as they sat there in the sala before his eye. So, his compact family group sat around him at night, silent, while Cabading talked and talked. tho, finally, the talk had stop, the listeners had to rise and have it off and it was this moment that Cabading seemed unable to bear. He couldnt bear to see Lydia and Leonardo rise and go up together to their roo m. One night, unable to bear it any longer he shouted, as they rose to retire Lydia, you repose with your mother tonight. She has a toothache. After a dead look at her husband, Lydia obeyed. Leonardo went to bed alone. The calamity would be repeated there would always be other reasons, besides Mrs. Cabadings toothaches. What horrified Leonardo was not merely what being make to him but his increasing acquiesces.Had his spirit been so quickly broken? Was he, too, like the rest of the household, being drawn to revolve, silently and obediently, around the master of the house? Once, late at night, he suddenly showed up at his parents house in Sta. Mesa and his brothers were shocked at the great in him within so short a time. He looked terrified. What had happened? His car had broken down and he had had it repaired and straightaway he could not go home. But why not? You dont know my father-in-law, he groaned. Everybody in that house must be in by a certain hour. Otherwise, the gates a re locked, the doors are locked, the windows are locked. Nobody can get in anymore A younger brother, Gene offered to accompany him home and explain to Cabading what had happened. The two rode to Zapote and found the house dark and locked up. Says Gene That memory makes my railway line boil my eldest brother fearfully clanging and clanging the gate, and nobody to let him in. 1 wouldnt have waited a second, but he waited five, ten, fifteen minutes, knocking at thai gate, begging to be let in.I couldnt have it In the end the two brothers rode back to Sta. Mesa, where Leonardo spent the night. When he returned to the house on Zapote the side by side(p) day, his father-in-law greeted him with a sarcastic question Where were you? At a basketball game? Leonardo became anxious to take his wife away from that house. He talked it over with her, then they went to tell her father. Said Cabading bluntly If she goes with you, Ill crash her head before your eyes. His brothers urged him to bu y a gun, but Leonardo felt in his pocket and said, Ive got my rosary. Cried his brother Gene You coin bank fight a gun with a rosary.When Lydia took her oath as a physician, Cabading announced that only he and his wife would accompany Lydia to the ceremony. I would not be fair, he said, to let Leonardo, who had not borne the expenses of Lydias education, to share that moment of glory too. Leonardo said that, if he would like them at to the lowest degree to use his car. The offer was rejected. Cabading preferred to hire a taxi. After about two months at the house on Zapote Street, Leonardo moved out, alone. Her parents would not let Lydia go and she herself was too afraid to leave. During the succeeding weeks, efforts to fall into place her proved futile. The house on Zapote became even more closed to the outside world. If Lydia emerged from it at all, she was always accompanied by her father, mother or foster-brother, or by all three. When her husband comprehend that she had st arted working at a hospital he went there to see her but instead met her father coming to fetch her. The very next day, Lydia was no longer working at the hospital.Leonardo knew that she was with child and he was heady to bear all her prenatal expenses. He went to Zapote one day when her father was out and persuaded her to come out to the yard but could not make her make the money he offered across the locked gate. Just station it, she cried and fled into the house. He sent her a check by registered mail it was promptly mailed back to him. On Christmas Eve, Leonardo returned to the house on Zapote with a gift for his wife, and stood knocking at the gate for so long the neighbors gathered at windows to watch him. Finally, he was allowed to enter, present his gift to Lydia and talk with her for a moment. She said that her father seemed agreeable to a meeting with Leonardos father, to discuss the young couples problem. So the elder Quitangon and two of his younger sons went to Zapot e one evening. The lights were on in Cabading house, but nobody responded to their knocking. Then all the lights were turned off.As they stood wondering what to do, a servant girl came and told them that the master was out. (Lydia would later tell them that they had not been admitted because her father had not yet firm what she was to say to them.) The last act of this curious drama began Sunday last week when Leonardo was surprise to receive an early-morning phone call from his wife. She said she could no longer bear to be parted from him and bid him pick her up at a certain church, where she was with her foster brother. Leonardo rushed to the church, picked up two, dropped the boy off at a street near Zapote, then sped with Lydia to Maragondon, Cavite where the Quitangons have a house. He stop at a gasoline station to call up his brothers in Sta. Mesa, to tell them what he had through and to warn them that Cabading would surely show up there.Get Mother out of the house, he told his brothers. At about ten in the morning, a taxi stopped before the Quitangon house in Sta. Mesa and Mrs. Cabading got out and began screaming at the gate Wheres my daughter? Wheres my daughter? Gene and Nonilo Quitangin went out to the gate and invited her to come in. No No All I want is my daughter she screamed. Cabading, who was inside the waiting taxi, then got out and demanded that the Quitangons nurture Lydia. Vexed, Nonilo Quitangon cried Abah, what have we do with where your daughter is? Anyway, shes with her husband. At that, Cabading ran to the taxi, snatched a submachinegun from a box, and trained it on Gene Quitangon. (Nonilo had effort into the house to get a gun.) Produce my daughter at once or Ill snatch up you all down shouted Cabading.Gene, the guns muzzle practically in his face, sought to pacify the older man Why patois we talk this over quietly, like decent people, inside the house? Look, were creating a dirt in the neighborhood.. Cabading lowered his gun. I give you till midnight tonight to produce my daughter, he growled. If you dont, you better ask the PC to guard this house Then he and his wife cloud off in the taxi, just a moment before the mobile practice of law patrol the neighbors had called arrived. The police advised Gene to institutionalise a complaint with the fiscals office. Instead, Gene decided to go to the house on Zapote Street, hoping that diplomacy would work. To his surprise, he was admitted at once by a smiling and very genial Cabading. You are a brave man, he told Gene, and a lucky one, And he ordered a coke brought for the visitor. Gene said that he was going to Cavite but could not promise to produce. Lydia by midnight it was up to the couple to decide whether they would come back.It was about cardinal in the evening when Gene arrived in Maragondon. As his car drove into the yard of this familys old house, Lydia and Leonardo appeared at a window and frantically asked what had happened. Nothing, said Gene, and their faces lit up. Were having our honeymoon at last, Lydia told Gene as he entered the house. And the old air of dread, of mystery, did seem to have lifted from her face. But it was there again when, after supper, he told them what had happened in Sta. Mesa. I cant go back, she moaned. Hell kill me Hell kill me He has cooled down now, said Gene. He seems to be a reasonable man after all. Oh, you dont know him cried Lydia. Ive know him longer, and Ive never, never been happy And the brothers at last had glimpses of the girlhood she had been so reticent about. She told them of Cabadings baffling changes of temper, especially toward her how smiles and found words and caresses could abruptly turn into beatings when his mood darkened.Leonardo said that his father-in-law was an artista, Remember how he used to fan me when I supped there while I was courting Lydia? (At about that time, in Sta. Mesa, Nonilo Quitanongon, on guard at the gate of his familys house, aphorism Cabading dri ve past three times in a taxi.) I cant force you to go back, said Gene. Youll have to decide that yourselves. But what, actually, are you planning to do? You cant stay forever here in Maragondon. What would you live on? The two said they would talk it over for a while in their room. Gene waited at the supper table and when a long time had passed and they had not come back he went to the room. Finding the door ajar, he looked in. Lydia and Leonardo were on their knees on the floor, reflexion the rosary, Gene returned to the supper table. After another long wait, the couple came out of the room. Said Lydia We have prayed together and we have decided to die together.Well go back with you, in the morning. They were back in Manila early the next morning. Lydia and Leonardo went straight to the house in Sta. Mesa, where all their relatives and friends warned them not to go back to the house on Zapote Street, as they had decided to do. Confused anew, they went to the Manila police headqua rters to ask for advice, but the advice given seemed drastic to them summon Cabading and have it out with him in front of his superior officer. Leonardos father then offered to go to Zapote with Gene and Nonilo, to try to reason with Cabading. They found him in good humor, full of smiles and hearty greetings. He reproached his balae for not visiting him before. I did come once, drily remarked the elder Quitangon, but no one would generate the gate. Cabading had his wife called. She came into the room and sat down. Was I in the house that night our balae came? her husband asked her. No, you were out, she replied. Having spoken her piece, she got up and leave the room. (On their various visits to the house on Zapote Street, the Quitangons noticed that Mrs. Cabading appeared only when summoned and vanished as soon as she had through with(p) whatever was expected of her).Cabading then announced that he no longer objected to Lydias moving out of the house to live with her husband in a n apartment of their own. Overjoyed, the Quitangons urged Cabading to go with them in Sta. Mesa, so that the newlyweds could be reconciled with Lydias parents. Cabading pronto agreed. When they arrived in Sta. Mesa, Lydia and Leonardo were sitting on a sofa in the sala. Why have you done this? her father chided her gently. If you wanted to move out, did you have to run away? To Leonardo, he said And you are tempestuous with me? house by themselves. Gene Quitangon felt so felt elated he proposed a rejoicing Ill throw a blow-out Everybody is invited This is on me So they all went to Maxs in Quezon City and had a very merry fried-chicken party. Why, this is a family reunion laughed Cabading. This should be on me But Gene would not let him devote the bill. Early the next morning, Cabading called up the Sta. Mesa house to pay that his wife had fallen ill. Would Lydia please visit her? Leonardo and Lydia went to Zapote, found nothing the matter with her mother, and returned to Sta. Me sa. After lunch, Leonardo left-hand(a) for his classes.Then Cabading called up again. Lydias mother refused to eat and kept asking for her daughter. Would Lydia please drop in again at the house on Zapote? Gene and Nonilo Quitangon said they might as well accompany Lydia there and start moving out her things. When they arrived at the Zapote house, the Quitangon brothers were amused by what they saw. Mrs. Cabading, her eyes closed, lay on the parlor sofa, a large wipe spread out beneath her. She has been lying there all day, said Cabading, tossing restlessly, asking for you, Lydia. Gene noted that the towel was neatly spread out and didnt look crumpled at all, and that Mrs. Cabading was obviously just pretext to be asleep. He smiled at the childishness of the stratagem, but Lydia was past being amused. She wont straight to her room, were they comprehend her pulling out draftspersons. While the Quitangons and Cabading were conversing, the supposedly sick mother slipped out of th e sofa and went upstairs to Lydias room. Cabading told the Quitangons that he wanted Lydia and Leonardo to stay there at the house in Zapote.I thought all that was settled last night, Gene groaned. I built this house for Lydia, persisted Cabading, and this house is hers. If she and her husband want to be alone, I and my wife will move out of here, turn this house over to them. Gene tiredly explained that Lydia and Leonardo preferred the apartment they had already leased. Suddenly the men perceive the clatter of a drawer falling upstairs. Gene surmised that it had fallen in a struggle between mother and daughter. Excuse me, said Cabading, rising. As he went upstairs, he said to the Quitangons, over his shoulder, Dont misunderstand me. Im not going to coach Lydia. He went into Lydias room and closed the door behind him.After a long while, Lydia and her father came out of the room together and came down to the sala together. Lydia was clasping a large rood. There was no expression on her face when she told the Quitangon boys to go home. But I thought we were going to start moving your things out this afternoon,, said Gene. She glanced at the crucifix and said it was one of the first things she wanted taken to her new home. Just tell Narding to fetch me, she said. keep going in Sta. Mesa, Gene and Nonilo had the painful task of telling Leonardo, when he phoned, that Lydia was back in the house on Zapote. Why did you leave her there? cried Leonardo.Hell beat her up Im going to get her. Gene told him not you go alone, to pass by the Sta. Mesa house first and pick up Nonilo. Gene could not go along he had to catch a bus for Subic, where he works. When Leonardo arrived, Gene told him Dont force Lydia to go with you. If she doesnt want to, leave at once. Do not, for any reason, be persuaded to stay there too. When his brother had left for Zapote, Gene realized that he was not sure he was going to Subic. He left too worried. He knew he couldnt rest easy until he had s een Lydia and Leonardo settled in their new home. The minutes quickly ticked past as he debated with himself whether he should stay or catch that bus. Then, at about a quarter to seven, the phone rang. It was Nonilo, in anguish. Something terrible has happened in Lydias room I heard four shots, he cried. Who are up there?Lydia and Narding and the Cabadings.Ill be right over.Gene sent a younger brother to inform the family lawyer and to alert the Makati police. Then he drove like mad to Zapote. It was almost dark when he got there. The house stood perfectly still, not a light on inside. He watched it from a distance but could see no movement, Then a taxi drove up and out jumped Nonilo. He had telephoned from a gasoline station. He related what had happened. He said that when he and Leonardo arrived at the Zapote house, Cabading motioned Leonardo upstairs Lydia is in her room. Leonardo went up Cabading gave Nonilo a cup of coffee and chatted amiably with him. Nonilo saw Mrs. Cabading go up to Lydias room with a glass of milk. A while later, they heard a woman scream, followed by sobbing. There seems to be trouble up there, said Cabading, and he went upstairs. Nonilo saw him enter Lydias room, leaving the door open. A few moments later, the door was closed. Then Nonilo heard three shots.He stood petrified, but when he heard a fourth shot he dashed out of the house, ran to a gasoline station and called up Gene. Nonilo pointed to the closed front gate he was sure he had left it open when he ran out. The brothers suspected that Cabading was lurking somewhere in the darkness, with his gun. Before them loomed the dark house, now so pitch-dark and evil in their eyes. The upper story that jutted forward, forming the houses chief facade, bore a curious sign Dra. Lydia C. Cabading, noblewoman Physician. (Apparently, Lydia continued- or was made- to use her maiden name.) Above the sign was the garland of colored lights that have been put up for Christmas and had not yet been removed. It was an ice-cold night, the dark of the moon, but the two brothers shivered not from the wind blowing down the alone(predicate) murky street but from pure horror of the house that had so fatally thrust itself into their lives.But the wind remembered when the sighs it heard here were only the sighing of the ripe grain, when the cries it heard were only the crying of birds nesting in the reeds, for all these new suburbs in Makati used to be grassland, riceland, marshland, or pastoral solitudes where few cared to go, until the big city spilled hither, replacing the uprooted reeds with split-levels, pushing noisy little streets into the heart of the solitude, and collecting here from all over the country the uprooted souls that now moan or giggle where once the carabao wallowed and the frogs croaked day and night. In very new suburbs, one feels gay sorrow to be a grass intrusion on the labors of nature. Even barely two years ago, the talahib still rose man-high on the plot of ground on Zapote Street where now stands the relic of an perplexing love. As the Quitangon brothers shivered in the darkness, a police van arrived and unloaded quite a large contingent upon(p) of policemen.The Quitangons warned them that Cabading had a submachinegun. The policemen crawled toward the front gate and almost jumped when a young girl came running across the yard, chill with terror and shrieking gibberish. She was one of the maids. She and her companion and the foster son had fled from the house when they heard the shooting and had been concealing in the yard. It was they who had closed the front gate. A policeman volunteered to enter the house through the back door Gene said he would try the front one. He peered in at a window and could detect no one in the sala. He slipped a hand inside, opened the front door and entered, just as the policeman came in from the kitchen. As they crept up the stairs they heard a moaning in Lydias room. They tried the door but it was blocked from inside.Push it, push it, wailed a womans voice. The policeman pushed the door unmanageable and what was blocking it gave. He groped for the switch and turned light. As they entered, he and Gene shuddered at what they saw. The entire room was spattered with blood. On the floor, blocking the door, lay Mrs. Cabading. She had been shot in the chest and stomach but was still alive. The policeman tried to get a statement from her but all she could say was My hand, my hand- it hurts She was lying across the legs of her daughter, who lay on top of her husbands body. Lydia was still clutching an armful of clothes Leonardo was holding a clothes hanger. He had been shot in the breast she, in the heart.They had died instantly, together. Sprawled face up on his daughters bed, his mouth agape and his eyes bulging open as though still staring in horror and the bright blood splashed on his face lay Pablo Cabading. Oh, I cursed him cries Eugenio Quitangon with passion. Oh, I cur sed him as he lay there dead, God forgive me Yes, I cursed that dead man there on that bed, for I had wanted to find him alive From the position of the bodies and from Mrs. Cabadings statements later at the hospital, it appears that Cabading shot Lydia while she was shield her husband, and Mrs. Cabading when she tried to shield Lydia.Then he turned the gun on himself, and its an indication of the mans uncommon force play and power that, after the first shot, through the right side of the head, which must have been mortal enough, he seems to have been able, as his hands dropped to his breast, to fire at himself a second time. The violent spasm of overrefinement must have sent the gun a .45 caliber pistol- flying from his hand. It was found at the ft of the bed, near Mrs. Cabadings feet. The drama of the jealous father had ended at about half-past six in the evening, Tuesday last week. The next day, hurrying commuters slowed down and a whispering crowd gathered before 1074 Zapote Street, to watch the police and the reporters going through the pretty little house that Pablo Cabading built for his Lydia.

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Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill Essay Example for Free

Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill undertakeDeinstitutionalization refers to releasing a kindly or physically handicapped person from an institution whose main role was to provide sermon into a residential area with the intent of providing services through the community under the charge of health-care professionals. There have been some positive outcomes from deinstitutionalization for both the patients and society but there have also been many drawbacks of deinstitutionalization.Deinstitutionalization is a care for which affects the community as a whole and there are many procedures that must be followed in prepare to see this process follow through successfully (Watnik, 2001). The deinstitutionalization process began in the late 1950s, early 1960s. Facilities were financially liable for patients while they were committed, but were able to modify the meat to the federal government by discharging them.A lot of our society believes that the deinstitutionalizat ion process was simply created because of the facilities inadequacy of treatment to their patients. Motivated by a concern for the civilian rights of patients, deinstitutionalization focused on more rigorous standards for civil commitment and created practical safeguard processes, such as the right to treatment in the least contraceptive atmosphere (Watnik, 2001). New York dealt with deinstitutionalization in the wrong ways from the beginning.For instance, New York was the only verbalize prior to 1994 that had limitations specifically prohibiting outpatient commitment. In 1994, the legislation passed the Bellevue Pilot Program which was established to helping the deinstitutionalization process. In 1999, New York Governor George Pataki, created Kendras natural law which was a law that was influenced by the increase rise of mentally unstable individuals hurting and cleanup other people randomly.Kendras Law allows particular individuals (such as family members) to petition the cour t to obtain an order for a mentally ill person to receive outpatient treatment if that person meets detailed and definite criteria (Watnik, 2001). Kendras Law helps sustainment track of mentally ill people when they are discharged from any mental or correction facility so that these individuals can better be assisted in locating an outpatient class that suits their needs.In order for New York to combat the ongoing social issues such as homelessness, crime and the airing of communicable diseases, the state has established disbursement prospectuses that include programs and activities provided in community settings. Some of these programs include mental health centers, outpatient clinics, partial care organizations, self-assured community treatment and support programs, consumer-run programs and services provided by state hospitals off hospital grounds. Total community expenses and accomplishments are evaluated by observing residential and nonresidential services.Kendras law in add ition to the community programs, also helps reach out to the mentally ill community by giving them ongoing support and assistance to helping control their illnesses and keep out of smother (Watnik, 2001). After reading this article, I found that New York is missing a lot of key headland in establishing a deinstitutionalization process. For starters, I believe that there should be stricter laws and regulations directed to mentally unstable individuals that are aimed at encouraging them to remain in outpatient treatment, even if they believe they do not need it.I also think that our society needs to establish more programs aimed at helping these individuals get on their feet financially, emotionally, and physically. Too many people think that they are cured and wind up hurting or killing innocent by passers and this would just be a safe precaution to helping keep our communities safe.

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Three Novels Essay Example for Free

Three Novels EssayCentral to the rising action, falling action, and rising tide of any short story is linked directly to the protagonist. Therefore, the protagonists key features and experiences push the plot and action of the sm craftistic production forward. It is this literary elements which lead to the eventual emotional growth of the caseful, his circumstances, and the denouement of the novel. Theme, structure and loving characteristics are the literary elements, which highlight the spiritual growth of the main characters in My Name is Asher Lev, Emma and huckleberry Finn Each of these three novels about honorable maturation and the growth of self- sense, huckabackleberry Finn by Mark Twain, whose protagonist is Huckleberry Finn, Jane Austens Emma, named after the protagonist and My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, whose main character is Asher Lev. Notably, the authors necessarily indicate the protagonists names in the titles, underlining their lesson and psycholo gical development as a central plotline.The literary elements of base of operations, structure and protagonists social characteristics actually strengthen the commentators reasonableness of the characters spiritual growth Levs novel demonstrates the protagonists liberation from the community bonds through the lens of the theme of social pressure, Twains writing the fall out of Hucks humanistic views underlining the theme of slaveholding, Austens work Emmas psychological maturation, through prioritizing the theme of marriage, moreover, all works by their structure provide the mistakes made by the protagonists on their path and and so make clear to the reader that development is not a smooth and gradual process, whereas the change or st major power of sociological characteristics pay readers attention either to the connection between self-awareness and social position or to the purely inner revolution.The characters actually perfect very distinct aspects of self awareness Emma, for instance, overgrows the selfish and infantile miss, whose main interest is manipulating the others fates (as she appears at the beginning), Asher Lev realizes that he is actually an independent personality preferably than the subject of the Hassidic community after being judged for depicting the his mothers anguish, whereas Huckleberry Finn, who has never considered cautiously the issue of racial equality, begins to realize his humanistic views and oppose the oppression of slaves and the split of their families.Due to the fact that the major(ip) theme in My Name is Asher Lev is community bonds and the conflict itself develops in terms of the weakening of the commitment to the groups of Hassids the protagonist, who is a bright and unique individuality, should ascend over the blind observance of community tradition and learn to spot himself from the group. Therefore, his development is associated with individuation and learning of his ego and the religious conflict results in the development of Ashers ability to assert his self So it is time for the defense, for a long session in demythology. But I will not apologize.It is absurd to apologize for a mystery(Potok, 1960). Asher displays his maturity and understands the difference between what he can explain and what he can not. The conflict in Asher is that there is disconnected between his art and the god he worships. The internal conflict is resolved at the end of the novel through Ashers emotional development. Asher grows and matures which enables Asher to make the appropriate choice between the two. Asher is able to release his emotions by creating art. He learns to understand how this art reflects him and what it truly means.This insight he lacked at the begining of the novel, however in the final chapters he displays his newly prepare maturity. A pivotal moment is when Asher moves into his aparment. He states Away from my world, alone in an apartment that offered me neither memories nor roots, I beg an to find old and distant memories of my own, long buried by pain and time and slowly brought to the draw near now. Now I would read to paint the street that could not be seen. He is able to live his past and make sense of it. He begins to see himself as situated within that community in a unique way, just now still as a part of it.The theme of marriage as the leading one in Emma is also related to the main characters development whereas at first, Emma views marriage as a game, popular in her environment, she is still not infantile to understand that this special(prenominal) type of partnership is based necessarily on strong affection after developing the looking atings for her brother-in-law whereas at the beginning she has fear for the function associated with marriage. Emma is always stating she does not want to get married. However, when her close consort becomes kindle in a man, Emma feels her feelings begin to stir. Emma realizes Mr. Knightley is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.She is only happy more or less him. This is a pivotal moment because previously she hated the idea of marriage. Love, while central to conflict in the strong, is what reveals Emmas true desires from life. Emma reflect Emma realizes that she had indeed not been a friend to Harriet, as Mr. Knightley had said. She realizes how foolish it was of her to try to fiddle in other wads romantic affairs when she did not even realize her own feelings for Mr. Knightley. She now knows that she should not interfer in other peoples affairs and that she has the capacity to love.The theme of slavery also supports the readers understanding of the young protagonists moral growth in Huckleberry Finn Im low protrude and Im a-going to steal him (Twain, 1999, Ch. 33) as one can understand, Huck no longer views Jim as property, but in order to persuade Tom, he recognizes his own inclination to wrongdoing and takes entire responsibility for the stealing the slave. Finn, a t the begining of the story, is a young boy. He is the productive of his environment and the time he lives in. He holds the same prejudices that the adult around him hold. However, his experiences with Jim, on the river, forever change him. These experiences change the way that Finn sees the world, and slavery. Finn reflects on slavery in the following way Well, it made me sick to see it and I was sorry for them poor good-for-naught rascals, it seemed like I couldnt ever feel any hardness against them any more in the world. It was a dreadful thing to see. Human beings can be awful cruel to one another. Finn realizes that just because people around him are cruel does not make it right. He makes the choice that slavery is wrong and he will not treat Jim the way society tells him he should be treated.The structure of the stories is generally corresponding the greatest part of the plot is dedicated to depicting the behavioral imperfections of the protagonist, so that the reader can fe el the protagonist is an ordinary person, whose growth is based upon his/her own mistakes. For instance, Emma at first depicts an arrogant and class-conscious girl saying The yeomanry are precisely the order of people with whom I feel I can have nothing to do (Austen, 2001, Vol.1 Ch.4) and throughout the first two parts she acts as a quarrelsome person, whereas her subsequent reasoning can be characterized as wiser I think Harriet is doing extremely well (Austen, 2001, Vol. 3, Ch. 28), i.e. she approves of her best friend marriage to the farmer, having got the idea of love and letting it in.Beyond mistakes, Potoks and Twains protagonists also receive difficulties and adversities, which shape their outlooks for instance, Levs story can be divided into three parts (Walden, 1985) period of the adolescent conflict with the environment, movement toward the goal in Kahns studio and the resolution of the conflict and individuation (Potok, 1972). Hucks moral development is less gradual an d actually consists of several insights 1) first encounter with Jim as a fugitive slave and the initial desire to help him 2) The loss of the companion after conflux the aristocrats and Jims imprisonment in Phelpses house.Finally, social characteristics of the protagonists are quite expressive themselves and point actually to the qualities to be changed. For instance, Emma is introduced as a girl with a degree of self-importance and class-based prejudice because of her upper class identity, but later she begins to understand her friend Harriet in her love for Martin and thus grows more open-minded furthermore, her maturation is come with by the change of social characteristics, as Emma accepts Knightleys proposition Huck Finns social characteristics proceed practically the same, as the author seeks to maintain the readers focus on the advancement of his moral qualities, so that the adolescent still remains to some extent uncommitted to social norms Aunt gap shes going to adopt m e and sivilize me, and I cant stand it (Twain 1999, Ch. 43), in spite of having veritable his distinct attitude towards slavery. Asher Lev, in turn, drastically changes his social identity the growth of his self-awareness and self-identity result in his lunacy and separation from the community.The readers understanding of the protagonists path toward self-awareness is to great extent manipulated by the authors Jane Austen, Chaim Potok and Mark Twain design the plot structure, which underlines the failures and subsequent insights of the protagonist, embed the central theme into the main characters spiritual growth and substantially change the protagonists social features, except Hucks case, in which the focus on morality shift is broadened through remaining social characteristics stable.ReferencesAusten, Jane. Emma.Ed. jam Kinsley.New York Oxford UP, 1998.Twain, Mark. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 2004.Potok, Chaim. The Chosen. New York Fawcett Crest, 1967. My Name Is Asher Lev. New York Ballentine Books, 1990.

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Prisoners Rights Essay Example for Free

Pris superstarrs Rights EssaySocieties everywhere time convey defined human rights through a variety of documents that have sought to value the rights of people. The geneva radiation pattern is an example of these documents. These documents not scarce firmly establish rights, but also see to it that countries that adopt these laws atomic number 18 responsible for ensuring rights be respected and followed. Unfortunately, not all governments obey these documents.In the carapace where war occurs, the Geneva Convention has been especially disregarded and ignored. As a result, agencies such as oblivion International have stepped in to fight for those prisoners whose rights have been broken. pardon International has become one of the intimately successful agencies, freeing and helping thousands of people who have been imprisoned unfairly. The rights for different kinds of prisoners in different countries atomic number 18 still being debated to this daylight. These prison ers include prisoners in detention malls and prisoners of conscience.Some people think that any(prenominal)one who has infringed on others human rights should not have valid rights themselves. Despite this, prisoners are allowed rights, such as conditions of confinement, limited privacy, safety from other prisoners, food and water and medical attention if necessary. M either prisons still gear up over one or more of these rights, and continue to this day to torture, kill and/or discriminate against prisoners. One of the close globally recognized laws regarding prisoners is the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention is a set of rules written in 1929 and revise in 1949, which pointes on the rights of prisoners of war. Prisoners of war are specifically soldiers captured and held captive by the enemy army.The Geneva Convention states that prisoners of war cannot be prosecuted for taking direct part in hostilities. Their detention is supposed to prevent progress participation i n the conflict and should not be a form of punishment. The term Prisoners of war only applies to international armed conflict. These prisoners must be released and sent back to their country with expose delay at the annihilate of the war. They must be treated humanely in all circumstances and should be protected against any act of violence, intimidation insults and public curiosity. Despite this, many governments have failed to acknowledge the convention and in some cases, have resulted in prisoners being tortured and even killed.In Guantnamo Bay, Cuba, at that place is a detention center at its naval base, set up by the United States. From 2002, the prison has been holding prisoners who have been venture of being terrorists or having ties to terrorists. They are held in order for the government to try and get information out of them. The Americans also set up another detention center in Abu Ghraib, Iraq in 2004.George Bush, who was president of the ground forces at the time, de scribed the men held in these prisons not as prisoners of war, but as unlawful combatants and claimed that the Geneva Conventions protections did not apply to them. A circularize of people have argued that the prisons should not be allowed, due to the point that most prisoners have been tortured, sexually abused, drugged, and harmed by many other violent acts to get information. There are still no laws that protect these prisoners and the USA has gotten many negative judgments from all around the world. A lot of global campaigns and agencies are currently working to fix this issue.Prisoners of Conscience are people who are believed to have had already had their rights stripped from them. More specifically, they are people who have been imprisoned for expressing ideas about their lifestyle, belief, race, or piety in a non-violent way and have been denied due process. Due process is the system where a mortal is procedure where a person goes through a fair trial in the normal judi cial system where he/she is innocent until proven guilty. There are agencies and campaigns worldwide that go to extreme extents to get prisoners of conscience publically recognized and hopefully released.Amnesty International is one of the most wellknow and successful non-governmental campaigning organizations that works to monitor and protect human rights all over the world. The organization began with one mans outrage and his courage to do something about it, this man being British attorney Peter Benson. He is looked at as a hero, not only within the organization. Their main focus are Prisoners of Conscience. The organization has over 3 million members and supporters and was founded in London 1996.Their objective is to conduct inquiry and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. Amnesty International think of themselves as advocates for prisoners and the word amnesty refers to being forgiven for a crime or other offence.Prisoners rights is just one segment of human rights, but is still just as important as childrens or elderly rights. Prisoners everywhere, from those in Guantnamo Bay to prisoners of war should have valid rights if they dont already. Having legal rights or laws is the first step, but putting the law in action is what really matters. Although there are a number of countries that ignore these documents, there are also countries that abide by them and are great examples of fair humanity. Agencies, organizations and campaigns work for these changes all around the world and with the help and support of every day people, they can hopefully change the world for the better.

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Football Essay Essay Example for Free

Footb each Essay EssayFoot wrap is a labyrinthian dramatic picnic with objet darty specifications, and although millions of passel watch foot orb game, not all of them understand what is truly behind the scenes of each halting. When persuasion of a foot eggs game normally the different teams come to mind or a position athlete stands come out of the closet, only football is much to a greater extent than that. There argon more people than respectable the athletes that are involved with a football game, including the coaches of the teams, referees who call the shots, trainers who build up the athletes skill levels, and last the fans who validate the teams. separately player is equipped with a type of armor they must wear to protect themselves. The rules of the game can be hard to compreh destruction until you become physically involved in a football match, but reading the rules w come uponethorn give a decent understanding of how football is played. Although football ma y be one of the nearly highly watched sports, there is more to the game than just the flashy jerseys and the huge player. Who makes up a football team? There are exactly eleven players to a team. all(prenominal) athlete has a designated position to participate in.Football does not just consist of the players in the game, but also the coaches, referees, the trainers and e real single die-hard fan. Coaches assist the athletes in giving them adequate plays to score touchdowns they ride each athlete to their breaking point, because they know that each of them is capable of so much more. Even sometimes coaches are mentors to the rookie athletes, who later on become legends in football. Referees are there to make original all of the rules are followed and to call out penalties when one of the rules has been broken.Theses game officials, the men on the field we all love to hate, but without these keepers of the rules, a football game could not progress with any sort of structure or s anity. Die-hard fans of football watch, eat, sleep and live football as a religion, has a designated team or teams that they support and encourage. Fans are a ginormous part of the support the athletes receive. Football Trainers provide the athletes with the experience to form adequately, medical assistance when injured and the rehabilitation to create star athletes.The over-all support from the individuals assistance constructs an athlete. Aside from the people involved in football, it is all too easy to mis put innly think of football as a game of athletics, and nothing more. Football actually encompasses a challenging mental game, paired with strategy and athleticism in order to secure a win. Before you head out to the field, preparing with and without your equipment pull up stakes booster you tilt up for a more successful game. Athletes are protected with a type of armor.Football is classified advertisement as a contact sport, but it has been more accurately described as a smash sport. Consisting of shoulder pads, helmet, face mask, chin strap, mouth guard, leg pads and cleats. Every article helps protect the athlete from acquiring injured. Shoulder pads are one of the most important pieces of equipment, because they hold you to tackle, block and run the football with a reduced risk for injury. As for the helmet attached with a chinstrap and facemask, it is made of hard plastic with foam pads internal to protect the head.Players are not supposed to hit opponents in the head, but the helmet is necessary because players often take shots to the head because the game is played at such a fast pace and players get hit in the head unintentionally. Mouth guards that the players wear can help prevent dental damage, and thigh pads are designed to protect the thigh or quadriceps area on the front of the upper leg, which help players who are frequently tackled and also hip pads are worn as part of a stays under the pants or they can be attached to the pants w ith a belt.Linemen often take high-top cleats, to give them extra support and stability, while high performance players, such as unspecific receivers, running backs and defensive backs, will often wear low-cut cleats that are lightweight and allow for more maneuverability. All of this equipment is essential to how football is played. A game starts with the the bootoff, the ball is position on a kicking tee at the defenses thirty-yard line, and a placekicker kicks the ball to the offense.A kick returned to a man from the offense, tries to catch the ball and advance it by running to where he is positioned at the point from when the offense will begin its take aim, or series of offensive plays. When a kickoff is caught in the offenses own end zone, the kick returner can either run the ball out of the end zone, or kneel in the end zone to signal a touchback as a sign to stop the play. The ball is then placed on the 20-yard line, where the offense begins play, a play begins with the snap, at the line of scrimmage, where the play begins, and the signal caller loudly calls out a play in code and the player in front of him.The center passes or snaps the ball under his legs to the quarterback, from there the quarterback can throw the ball, hand it off, or run with it, or the quarterback can sometimes the ball to confuse the defense, anyone on the offensive team is allowed to pass the ball as long as the pass is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. A pass is complete if the ball is caught by another offensive player, usually the wide receiver or tight end, but if the ball hits the ground before someone catches it, it is called an incomplete pass.The defense prevents the offense from advancing the ball by transport the ball carrier to the ground. A player is tackled when one or both of his knees touch the ground, then play is then over and also ends when a player runs out of bounds. All progress in a football game is measured in yards, the offensive team trie s to get as much yardage as it can to try and move closer to the opponents end zone. Each time the offense gets the ball, it has four downs, or chances, in which to gain ten yards. If the offensive team successfully moves the ball ten or more yards, it earns a first down, and another set of four downs.If the offense fails to gain ten yards, it loses possession of the ball, as the defense tries to prevent the offense not only from scoring, but also from gaining the 10 yards needed for a first down. If the offense reaches fourth down, it usually punts the ball or kicks it away. This forces the other team to begin its drive further down the field, but if the offense cannot score a touchdown, they may try to kick a field goal. Football is a very complicated sport with many simple, but important aspects. For most people who enjoy football, they cannot wait until football season starts.The players on the field are told what to do by the coaches, who call different plays, while performing those plays the athletes use the skills obtained from their trainers. Football is a game of strength, ability, and toughness, for it is a very physical and mentally tough gridiron sport. Wearing the protective gear helps these athletes prevent major injuries during the game. Each piece of equipment provides protection to certain parts of the athletes body. The rules of football can be complex to understand right away, but become more easier to comprehend once physically engaged in a game.