Saturday, April 6, 2019

Alcohol Beverage Essay Example for Free

inebriant B everage EssayThroughout the accounting of television, viewers arrive at raised many questions about inebriant advertise. How is advertising affecting us? Does it have an impact on intoxicant abuse or alcohol cerebrate disease and death? Does advertising influence alcohol manipulation? In this essay, I will mainly concentrate on why such alcoholic advertisements should be restricted and to what extent should any governments be able to control advertising.My private opinion that I maintain is that I agree with having restrictions on alcoholic beverages advertisements on TV, by focus more on responsible drinking and on problems that drinking causes every year because of irresponsibility of its consumer. I besides stand by my opinion because young people are negatively affected by those ads, since there are no messages for responsible action while drinking. Moreover, statistics show that alcohol-related admissions to hospital in unify States have reached 20 % in 1995.With other words, most of cases sent to our hospitals were alcohol related, which potentially leads to wildness, accidents and health issues. Alcohol is thought to cause thirty thousand premature deaths a year. Therefore, it may cause physical and psychical harm to its consumers. The two main media tools that help advertising for alcohol are Televised programs and radio channels. These giant corporations brand millions of dollars advertising for alcoholic beverages with having minimal advices on responsible drinking and reckless behaviors that can be caused in the beginning because of it.My personal believe is that too excessive exposure to alcoholic advertisement can increase consumption and influence peoples attitudes towards alcohol especially for youngster as they have non formed the correct savvy of it. In order to prevent the large amount of alcoholic advertising that appears on media, over the extend few decades, government have set far stricter guidelines an d regulations concerning alcohol.Some of these limitations and restrictions are particularly made for advertising for alcoholic drinks. Some of these restrictions include limiting the timing of advertisements on television and allow alcohol related ads to be displayed only after 1000pm, which will avoid youth exposure to it. Nowadays, Alcohol advertisement is at its peak on sport events. This is why prohibiting the liquor company from creation the official tell on in sport must be considered.As Professor Gilmore said, limitations should include alcohol sponsorship in sport, as the alcohol was being advertised 24 hours a day. Besides, the contents of advertisement should be restricted, images like violence and potential crime should be forbidden, as it is easy for young people doing the same things that show on television. On the other hand, both in public and private sectors are responsible in join their efforts to help to set out limitations and restrict alcohol promotion and s ales through ads.For instance, clubs should abolish the boundless drinks to a certain time only with fixed amount of money, and restrict underage people from being exposed to a place where alcohol is heavily consumed. Besides, the price should be increased to reduce the alcohol consumption and alcohol producers should develop a new production line, as an alternative to replace alcohol. Now, alcohol has spread in our culture and society and became the symbol of fun and pleasure.Its consumption has increased more than ever did in mankind history and their effects are increasing with it as well. Advertising for alcohol is not only encouraging our youth to drink more which will affect their health but also promotes reckless and irresponsible behaviors associated with its consumption. Our government is more aware of the seriousness of this issue than ever, however further laws and restrictions must take place in the future in order to decrease its negative effects.

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