Friday, April 19, 2019

East and Central European countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

East and interchange European countries - Essay Exampleuted leaders of technological change argon the countries of Western Europe, the United States and Japan, with a high technological culture and monopolize major breakthrough technology of recent decades, in fact already entered the phase of post-industrial development, successfully addressing the socio-economic objectives. In pursuit of the leaders the countries of sou-east Asia and China stepped up on the way to build the innovation economy. (Lavigne, 1992)In recent years, many countries of Central East Europe and CIS are actively moving towards the socio-economic modernization and striving for adapting to the rapidly growing processes of globalization, as well as announced an innovative course as a priority in their development. However, none of the post-socialist countries has been able to coalesce in terms of technologically advanced countries, being mainly on the periphery of the global economy.The al-Qaeda of the struc tural change and technological upgrading of Central/East European countries is the policy of their governments, aimed at creating a approbative investment climate, ensuring a serious income of foreign investment. In general foreign companies by the end of 2003, invested in the economies of Central/East Europe 162 billion dollars. About the number of foreign investment in guinea pig economy of these countries shows the percentage of volume of accumulated investments in GDP, which amounted for Czech Republic 52%, Hungary - 44, Slovakia - 40%. (Inglot, 2008)Among the major foreign investment companies operating in the market in these countries, there are such well-known multinationals as Opel, Volkswagen, PSA, Audi, Toyota, Daewoo, General Motors, Nokia, Philips, Bosh, IBM, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Electronics, Ford, Suzuki, Sony, Sanyo, Electrolux and others in the field of view of their interests are mainly in the car industry, electronics, manufacturing of computer and telecommunications equipment, pharmaceuticals and chemical

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