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Jehovah Witness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

nobleman Witness - Essay ExampleFounded in the year 1874, the teachings and beliefs on the church building Adventist theological teachings were adopted into the Watchtowers teachings (Garraty and Carnes, 92), and has twain magazine publications the WATCHTOWER and the AWAKE (King, 443). The bible used by the Jehovah obtain is known as the- new world translation, this bible version is different from other bibles in two different verses, John 11 858 and Hebrews 18, though there argon other different passages that have been adopted to support Jehovah Witnesses doctrines. Jehovah source is a Christian sect with distinctive religious practices and rituals that appear to be dissimilar to other Christian churches and organizations hence, this paper therefore explores the practices of this Christian sect in comparison to the Baptist church in south Florida. This is a very polemic and aggressive religious group in south Florida, which bans pursuit of higher education amongst their membe rs, and instead encourages ev freshal activities. In addition, the group only allows marriages amongst fellow members of the group and practices door to door campaign of their teachings and amongst the members, and it is only the junior members of the group who do a lot of this work. Jehovah witness is also known as the Watchtower friendship has the following theological beliefs, practices and rituals such as they ban their members from celebrating any holidays and birthdays. Their members are banned from taking partition in flag salutes, harming in civil duties, participating in politics or engaging in war like activities. Furthermore, members are non allowed to transfuse blood, allowed to make minimal contact with people, who are non members of Jehovah Witness, even if it is their family and friends and also avoid contact with former members of the sect. Members of the Society are also not allowed to pursue higher education or limited pursuit of higher education they outlaw particular thinking and arguments. Literature materials which are written by members are banned if such pieces of materials are deemed as being critical of the society or if the materials paint the society in a bad light. Non members of the Jehovah Witness religious group are banned from attending churches sermons and prayers, in addition, the members are not allowed to set about religious broadcasting, instead they have to perform house to house proselytizing (Gruss 296). Comparison between Jehovah witness and the Baptist church in south Florida Jehovah witness in south Florida inserted the name Jehovah to tack the word God, and that Jehovah alone is the Father. Conversely, in other mainstream churches such the Baptist they draw their beliefs form the Roman Catholic of the Holy Trinity- the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, the Watchtower believes that Jesus is the created Archangel whereas the Baptist believes that Jesus is not a creation, He is the most(prenominal ) high- the Almost God. In the scriptures of the Baptist bible, this is proclaimed in Revelation 17-8, 17, 18, 28, 2212-13, 20 Isaiah 96 4424, 4812 John 13 Hebrews73 and John 13. Jehovah Witness believes that it is Jehovah who raised Jesus from death in a form that is angelic and without the human body. Baptists on the other hand believe that on the third day later his death, he resurrected from the dead in a physical human form, shown in the books of Luke 2439 Acts 1731, John 218-22 and Philippians 25-11. Jehovah Witness believe that the Holy Spirit is a consideration of God and the Holy Spiri

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