Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Christian Ministry in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Christian Ministry in Africa - Essay ExampleOne of the main difficulties of effectively presenting Christ to Muslims ashes ignorance on important issues such as on the volume, the life of Muhammad, traditions, Muslim beliefs on Christ and prejudices and amicable beliefs of Islam. An effective missionary ought to demonstrate the highest level of sympathy and a rare appreciation of the important organic truths Christianity and Islam have in common. One should exhibit Christianitys superiority in life and in ism by admitting the Islam doctrines excellences and life but then immediately prove the superiority of Christianity. This is a trait that is absent-minded in most of the missionaries that attempt to preach Christ to Muslims and one that if properly mastered could be a certain game changer. Arrogant Approach from Missionaries and their Inconsistent Lifestyles At heart, Muslims are not satisfied with Muhammad as a suitable figure as a clear tale of his character and life as indicated in the Quran greatly stands out and shocks them. Traditions whitewash fails to wipe away the inconsistencies in his conduct where for instance, his relations with women present great moral difficulties to many Muslims who are starting to think in higher terms of ethics. A missionary, with great sensitivity and care not to offend his Muslim listeners, should confidently challenge a comparison between the life of Christ and that of Muhammad even as presented in the Quran itself (again highlighting the relevance of a missionarys knowledge of the Quran).

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