Friday, May 31, 2019

causes of the great depression Essay -- essays research papers

The Great Depression was a decade of poverty for many a(prenominal) linked States citizens. Starting in 1929, The Great Depression was a rough time not only for the U.S. but for many other countries. There are many causes for the Depression but the main cause was the combination of the greatly unequal dissemination of wealth throughout the 1920s and the extensive stock market speculation(Gusmorino, 1). Other causes were the ricketiness of the stock market, short signed economic policies, overdependence on mass production, consumer spending, advertising, welfare capitalism, and high tariff. The effect on the country of the imbalance in the economy threw the U.S. into an term of negativity. How did the United States go from the roaring twenties to The Great Depression? It was all based on deflation and the crash of the economy. A good example of uneven distribution of wealth was Henry Fords yearly income of $14 billion the same year that the average income was $750. Another contr ibutor to the uneven distribution was the government. Calvin Coolidge favour businesses therefore favoring the wealthy who invested in these businesses. For an economy to function properly, total demand must equal total supply. What happened in the 1920s was an oversupply of goods. This resulted in the middle-class needing to a greater extent but not being able to afford more while the upper-class didnt want to buy more goods. Three quarters of the U.S. cosmos spent almost all of their yearly incomes to purchase consum...

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