Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cyber Bulling and Its Discontent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cyber Bulling and Its Discontent - Essay Examplelack of legislative policies, several methods, such as prevention and endurance, concealing personal information and being positive, can help teenagers to avoid this online bullying trend. agree to Andrew Solomon, prevention and endurance are among the directions of avoiding online bullying or real life challenges. He says that deal should be cautious when interacting with others online, especially strangers and friends (Solomon, n. p). This is because it helps in avoiding negative reactions from others and making them positive stories. This implies that social media sites where users interact freely increases the chances of being a bullying victim since it attracts strangers and bullies to access ones profile (Solomon, n. p). The viable way to preventing such interactive connections is by avoiding the sites and being tolerate not to be an addict. Solomon offers examples of interviews he conducted, suggesting that people entrust alwa ys fall victims to things that they accept (Solomon, n. p). Online harassment among the teenagers is widespread because they have allowed interacting and accommodating the bullies instead of avoiding their advances. I potently believe that avoidance is suitable since it distances the bullies from the victims.Non-accessibility of personal details is another way of avoiding the online bullying. This implies that a person should charter security measures that prohibit access to unauthorized users. The stigmatized identities use information derived from the profiles that target a specific convocation of individuals. For instance, the race, faith, category or sexuality aspects are always the ones used by bullies to haunt their prey. Tyler Clementis devastation arose because of the sexuality aspect in which his roommates and friends victimized him online for being gay, which was untrue (Parker, n. p). Ravi and Wei had placed on Twitter that Clementi was seen chthonic a blanket with a nother man. Clementi felt sad and embarrassed, which he could not

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