Thursday, May 9, 2019

Motorsport (Nostalgia Super Stock) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Motorsport (Nostalgia Super Stock) - Essay Examplelarity evolved into a classification of retarding force rush along involving hundreds of drivers and cars competing in Championships and Grand Drag Racing concomitants ( are incompatible series, events and clubs, running Nostalgia Super Stock the rules applied were developed by representatives from clubs of NSS events.The largest annual drag racing event is named after Dave Duell the Dave Duell definitive. The event has hosted as many as 90 NSS cars competition. It is regarded as the Class National event. The Dave Duell Classic is presently run at Beechbend Raceway, Kentucky ( The event is run in combination with NMCA events but is administrated by Doug- Daves son.Some of the rules governing Nostalgia Super Stock include Historical accuracy of the car- should be American manufactured and models meant for drag racing, multiple carburetion preferred, slick width designation of 10.5W at a maximum, foot pasture brake only- meaning no transmission brake is allowed, etc.Nostalgia Super Stock is popular among men and women who enjoy the classic style of 60s drag racing cars. NSS is mostly popular in the mid-west, with online platforms such as Victory Nostalgia Super Series helping to modify the enthusiasts about upcoming events ( Some of the popular cars dominating NSS include Texas Whale, Dragn Wagn, Big Red Ram and Hustling

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