Monday, May 13, 2019

Process Critique of Application Theory in Practice Essay

Process Critique of Application Theory in Practice - Essay ExampleAs a result, intimacy of best practices did non necessarily designate the adoption of these best practices (Hoque & Noon, 2001).One of the plausible explanations given with this gap is lack of knowledge. The necessity of the transfer of knowledge to line managers for application may have been important but often a neglected issue. s give the axe showed that while Industrial and Organizational psychologists are informed about HR research findings than HR practitioners (Carless et al., 2009110) this does not translate into practice.It is already a given in human election management that for a parentage enterprise to achieve optimum productivity, it should hire the best people. It is also a common knowledge to a point of being a slogan among companies that human resource or its people are its most(prenominal) important assets. Being the most important asset, human resource should be taken cared of so that they go away be more motivated to perform and will stay in the organization.This notion however tends to be neglected and overlooked in practice when realities set in the organization. When the issue of competitiveness set in where companies have to lower cost to increase its profit, it tends to shortchange its employees. Shortchanging employees takes in many forms and is not limited to offering last pay possible. It includes compressing multiple job functions into a single role to save cost and to optimize the labor of such employee. If the human resource has already been optimized to the hilt, companies will tend to outsource other functions where they can lower labor cost and without any responsibilities to the outsourced employee.In the recent financial crisis of late 2008 to 2010, human resource was among the first casualty when companies employed cost saving measures to cope with the crisis. Employees felt that they are not

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