Saturday, May 4, 2019

Project managment individual assinment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project managment individual assinment - try fall out ExampleAccording to Visitacion (2003) it is most often poor planning and fuzzy requirements that contribute to poor counselling of projects and result in failed productivity.( She states that if the planning process is improved by 20%, then there pull up stakes be an 80% improvement in productivity. In particular, from the perspective of stakeholders, there is added pressure for the project to align to the limitations of finances, time and resources, hence she recommends that many project failures can be averted through implementing good planning and create a clear understanding of the project requirements so that they can be satisfied.LaBrosse(2007) recommends that a standardized, consistent come along be developed towards project management and has created the Cheetah Project Management method. This system boosts individual as well as organizational productivity through the development of a standardized, cons istent system that includes outperform practices into the manner in which projects are managed. This standardized approach consists of the 5 Ss, which are very facilitative in eliminating chaos in the work environment and can help team members to work expeditiously and reduce delays caused by disorder in the working environment and work areas.The first item is SORT, where materials that are present within the working area are restricted to those materials which are used on a daily basis. The other materials are stored away elsewhere, and an efficient filing system is developed to enable a quick retrieval of the documents.The next item is STRAIGHTEN. This aims to smoothen the work flow by setting out specific spots for moveable items. Materials such as fax and copier machines and other items used together with by several organizational members are labeled and schedules drawn up for rotating use of such machines, in order to promote efficiency. The third item to improve project ma nagement is SHINE,

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