Saturday, May 11, 2019

SLP 01 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SLP 01 CONFLICT MANAGEMENT - Essay ExampleThis clash affects the management and the employees equally. In order to make the situation better, management has to play an important role, to handle condition in an hands-down and calm way.Employees versus management. I have never thought that employees and management are truly the identical animal. What I have discovered is that they are very different, and the distinction matters. Management knows how to make people and tasks work efficaciously toward the same end, whereas employees tend to focus more on the task at hand. Although they are different functions, the same person can both work and manage.A manager should be dependable, track through things, prevent his pledges and have principles. He should be befriendful for his people and should not disclose their self-confidence. Manager should be well-founded and sincere with workers. He should prove admiration for his employees. Treat them as adults and show appreciation for their thoughts and for the job they do. He should make sure that his employees are treated as regular people. Try to indulge them in the preparedness and the problem solving phases of different tasks. Make them give their suggestions and use their assistances. Provide the workers significant responsibilities and the support they require to hold them out well.Agree on aims and objectives mutually, with effort from each and every individual that is concerned. Put part communication into practice. Manager should construct mutual faith by being open, tolerant, and helpful. Managers can maintain and help in making assisting relations within their responsibilities by acting as a replica by directing and by sustaining, and cheering these managerial abilities in their workers as they cooperate with each other.Conflict may redirect labors from objective achievement or it may reduce income, mainly time and funds. Conflict in any case may pessimistically have an effect on the mental well-being of workers and cause

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