Monday, June 10, 2019

Case analise Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analise - Case Study ExampleHowever, the presence of a larger companionship developed to cater to the same market You Bar presented a challenge as the union was still in a stage of infancy (Shein, 2011). another(prenominal) huge issue is the nature of the business which operates in the food sector rather than being a technological startup which comparatively attracts more investment.The company which caters to the organic market possesses a great potential for growth. The market segment catering to health conscious consumers of food is untapped and offering organic foods bequeath help the company develop a hold. Hence, the company has a great potential for growth as consumer preferences have affirmed the need for having organic food products in the market, especially organic energy bars. The best possible way for Miller to achieve financing is to entice venture capitalists of the value of the company. Asking a bank for a loan without material assets will not be good option. Ho wever, Miller could use his persuasive presentation skills in order to convince venture capitalists to invest in the company. Additionally, Miller could have the startup entered into an accelerator that could give capital in return for a certain percentage of equity. In this way, the business could also get mentorship to enhance the business that could help the business grow.The valuation of Element Bars is indeed a difficult task collect to the lack of any company owned equipment. The detail that the company uses ovens from a wedding baker and does not won its own equipment makes the calculation difficult (Shein, 2011). Also, the fact that the company is not a technological startup and an fact a business dealing in tangible food products necessitates the presence of a respectable inventory or some equipments that are required during production. I would therefore estimate the net worth of all the production inputs and additional effort by the founders involved. As such its net wo rth should be

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