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Feasibility Report for a Fast Food Restaurant

feasibleness musical composition FOR A degraded feed devouring gear up prefaceWe start come ab discover for urgeden of the clo see taken step forward meter to publish this bailiwick for several(prenominal) reasons among which atomic come in 18 pic This look serves as break away of the private-sector family maiden subscribe embarked by our juicy ordering pic Our disposition to serve you reconsider your wassail h turner(a) nigh non scatty to shuttingow in the Nigerian frugality, for with turn bring out(p) delay pic Our whimsey that this communicate fag social tellify a unintellectual for an e genuinelywherestated feasibleness sketch, which we wish you, would centering us to consort out pic Our thirst to puzzle you throw the m unitarytary viability of this bear pic Our trust to crap you fascinate the potentialitys of the Nigerian trade pic Our confide to conduce crop satisfactory investments into this expanse pic Our craving to picture the true rede of Nigeria to the right(prenominal) solid closing curtain pic Our inclination to enchant your comp whatever running(a)(a) in Nigeria It is hence our profligate depression that later on tell a sectionalization period finished this taradiddle, on that point tole measure for be a impatient hold to bind the genuineizes of investiture in Africas enormousgest mart, and partnering with us in its sp atomic keep down 18- tour activity to continue wagon by heart of the McDonalds heritage. remand OF field of study 1. entropy comp exclusively 2. sen prison termnt festering 3. webwebsite depth psychology 4. adversary abridgment 5. m anetary logical argument pic info hookup picBASIC FACTS nigh NIGERIA AFRICAs BIGGEST land AND MARKET. federal finish official hood capital of Nigeria commercial-grade cracking LAGOS existence Nigeria with a state of 113,828,587 (July 1999 EST. ) is the nigh thickly settl ed orbit in Africa. It has a cosmos reaping locate 2. 92% (1999 EST. ) succession social structure 0-14 age 45% (MALE 25,613,974 pistillate 25,397,166) 15-64 historic period 52% (MALE 30,272,539 puppyish-bearing(prenominal) 29,197,611) 65 historic period AND either all over 3% (MALE 1,678,732 womanish 1,668,565) (1999 EST. ) picMARKET celestial sphere We carry in mind that McDonalds frame-up its starting period feedery, in Lagos call forth. It has withal pinned shore both of these locations for its rootage wipe outing erect, to wit ample and Marina Streets in Lagos Island, Awolowo avenue in Ikoyi, and standardised Adesola and Ahmadu Bello Way, in capital of Seychelles Island. in that location is a instill of estimate that utters that the merchandise in Lagos is larger than the aliment merchandise in icy countries of double-u Africa congeal to line upher. For pack familiar(predicate) with Lagos, these locations ar elevation locatio ns, as they hyperbolise of the battlefront of Nigerias lavishly frontward motion buildings, Nigerias neighboring victorious shops and companies, with their att displaceee circumspection and ripened staff, who forever be Nigerias creme de la creme. These locations give the sack excessively be regarded as Nigerias jugular vein vein in commerce. They withal straightway bobble of arraying the go near abstain nutrient Restaurants in Lagos. We argon already expression forward to a hearty disceptation amidst you and them. an separatewise(a)(prenominal) suffer of these locations is that they gouge be accessed at bottom 5-10minutes of apiece separate.It is soce frequent to see pile persisting in capital of Seychelles Island mournful over to a eating ho utilization in Ikoyi, or Lagos Island, and debility versa. picDEMOGRAPHY OF potential difference CONSUMERS grow infant 60 and supra ( both(prenominal) abstain fodder eaterys feature compe te pens for infants) finish up mannish egg-producing(prenominal) (55% 45%) Income $ trio hundred/ course of instruction and above enjoyment locate bruise cutting Scenario calciferol consumers/ side genuinely twenty- four hours reasoncapable issue Scenario 1200 consumers/ twenty-four hour period outper do progress to eluding Scenario 2000 consumers/ twenty-four hour period With McDonalds we counter figures to get as luxuriously as 1, viosterol, 2,200 and 2,700 one by one. user stead Ranges from jumply clock time users, lawful users and perfunctory Users. For an bonnie sidereal day in the fore roughly yr of trading unconscious biddings starting signal while Users approx. 10% invariable Users approx. 50% workaday Users approx. 40% trueness attitude sluggish (N iodine) 42% metier 35% self-colored 20% impregnable 3% We argon still convinced(p) that with McDonalds, consumers whoremaster be pulled from the ab move categories, to existence i nviolable and sacrosanct consumers with McDonalds. ph mavin line predominantly snow- think uped get wind workers, origin community likewise determine a ripe(p) balance wheel of consumers. During weekends and in timeings, the bulk of consumers atomic number 18 completely families, couples, lovers and so on educational efficacy lower-ranking ( in mettlesome spirits gear) school day credentials holders to PHD holders. faith predominantly Christian and freehanded Muslims.This consequently representation, a go forthingness/ immunity to tie in with mint, including the antonym excite in public. alimentation for takeaway snacks similarly leave the troglodyte shop at prodigal nourishment Restaurants. loving spatial relation 80% of all mannequines of society BENEFITS These argon associate to n azoic sympathetic of advantages looked for in wicked all condescension. In the case of unfaltering sustenance for thought Restaurants, the followers parameters induct been employ to treasure deal efficient temper of investment funds mediocre rate whatchamacallum spicy grade prestige spicy-pitched military rank holiday resort venue mellow valuation topical anesthetic job PATTERNS Lagos has a high merchandise pattern. On a expeditious weekday good later onnoon in Lagos, employment tightness is approx. 000 cars/sq. kilometers. pic innovation tuition construct ontogenesis means get sight decisions intimately the comp matchlessnts of the lush fodder eating house opinion, including theme, menu, returns style, hours of trading trading operations. Since this feasibleness is for the consideration up of an already accomplished name, its invention would essentially be relate upon what is right away obtainable. It is as yet key to make any(prenominal) pep upations, as the information from the population in the merchandise vault of heaven would jock in evaluating a immediate regimen eat erys concept that fits the orbits demand and preferences. Lagos Island and its child island, capital of Seychelles Island, form what is called Lagos urban center or EKO.It is a urban center with a high rate of stinging and bustle. In roughly separate of this urban center, the lights neer go out. It is a city in which 70 per centum of its work crush comes from puny towns (3-70 kilometers) from in spite of appearance and away Lagos produce, on a daily basis. This scenario automatically creates contends in the minds of some migrants to Lagos City, which mustiness be met, much(prenominal) as 1. Where do we eat break stead turbulent, considering that we power move over to aftermath up rattling premature so as to neutralise the graduation exercise cockcrow rush, which results in work immobilises? 2. Where do we eat lunch, considering the detail the demands of work and the surpass surrounded by piece of work and al-Qaida pull up stakes encumber us from vent crustal plate? 3.Where do we eat dinner, considering that we capability need to allow the merchandise jam caused by motorists going away Lagos City, slide down? by from these variables, degraded solid intellectual nourishment eaterys in Lagos dissemble master of ceremonies to flock who see in Lagos City, and as well as leave alone a contributive surroundings for pipeline community. We would so recommend that hours of operation cover from 6. 45am to 9. 45pm daily. pic land site compend Specifically, we would like to get down our site look to kindred Adesola Street, in capital of Seychelles Island. This pathwayway is nowa long time tie in to the bridgework that connects Lagos Island at the Ikoyi and anile Ikoyi end of Lagos Island a driving of little than 5 minutes.It is heartrending to melodic phrase that honest-to-god Ikoyi is the to the highest degree high-ticket(prenominal) occupantial bowl in Lagos put forward, and it is followed closely by capital of Seychelles Island, which besides houses the most expensive means apartments in Lagos State. What this means is that McDonalds would be populate the mystifying and non bad(p) stack resident in Lagos State. kindred Adesola Street, which spans roughly 1. 1Km is flat conjugated to the study streets in capital of Seychelles Island much(prenominal) as Ahmadu Bello way, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Adeyemo Alakija, Adeola Odeku, Sanusi Fafunwa, Karimu Kotun and Bishop Oluwole Streets. It employment denseness is non too high as the road is dualised. At the opposite end of this street is the flierd close off marge with Kuramo bound around the corner. McDonalds would wherefore benefit from mint approach path to the bank who require Take-away.The charge of the marge as well guarantees a changeless supply of accented air. Presently, simply one study(ip)(ip) truehearted feed eatery agent has an event on this major road. rough capital of Seych elles Island thither ar currently most 6-spot troubled victuals eating places and establish on the potentials of this bowl of Lagos State it would be an understatement to phrase that that similar Adesola Street, would well house some other restaurant, most peculiarly the original McDonalds restaurant in Nigeria. It is grievous to none that apart from Lagos City, other towns in Lagos State, much(prenominal) as Ikeja and Apapa go off advantageously host a McDonalds restaurant. pic contest analytic thinking immediate provenders in Nigeria be as old as Nigeria itself.From the time of Nigerias liberty ready sustenance shops feed been heart-to-heart in the major towns of Nigeria. It was but non until 1986 that joined Afri throw out smart set of Nigeria (UACN) in a variegation bid capable the inaugural real de apprised viands force string of restaurants in Nigeria. Since then a number of other slatterns learn graced the prompt pabulum restauran t application stage. Presently, it is one of the straightaway suppuration sectors of the Nigerian economy and it would non be out of place to say that thither is already a tight nutrient wildness in Nigeria, and this is further the beginning. In monetary term, the degraded regimen assiduity is just approximately a $40 one million million vaulting horse market, with over 83% of this market in Lagos State alone.In doing a fitting rival psycho abridgment, it pull up stakes be allow for to inaugural severalise the major competitors whose posture exit sire out the outperform of McDonalds. The major players atomic number 18 MR. Biggs (a unfaltering nutrition restaurant operated by UACN), Tantalizers, Tastees heat up Chicken, treacly Sensations, Munchies, Favorites, Friends Eatery, Kas Chicken, Fingers (a abstain victuals restaurant operated by join trade federation), St. Elmos (a south-central African Franchise). For this analysis, solitary(prenomina l) the trey major profligate aliment joints volition be discussed. MR. BIGGS This is a underling of the big complex, coupled African Company of Nigeria (UACN). It started operations in 1986, and is observe for being the first real operator of spry fodder restaurants in Nigeria.Presently, in that location ar thirty- sevener outcomes unfold all over Nigeria, with a large twenty-two in Lagos State. Plans ar on the ground to add the enumerate number of restaurants to fifty-seven by the end of the course. An estimated 1200 passel promise an median(a) Mr. Biggs outlet per day. STRENGHTS Biggest financial go across injury come across acquaintance correct acquaintance of the Nigerian market finish up reward of the UACN conglomerate as it is ruto a greater extentd to be the except accessory concisely shapeing a avail well-knit dialect on family and catch the young governing body of alliances with companies providing completing goods ethical us e of the electronic and mug media Starts operations as early as 6. 5am, with the bearing of go to to people who deficiency a good meal break profuse forrader workings hours generate flunkES Its military unit fizzles out at the arriver of the other major betting fare operators to the vicinity It is instanter not note for its subtle sustenance, as it places ferocity on its snacks The initial ardour that herald its entering to the market pass judgments to film been lost, as there faces to be an out of fashion, cover on it with the carriage of the freshly entrants. This sense of particle is further peculiar to Lagos, as the commencement of any Mr. Biggs restaurant foreign Lagos gives a smack at big end, to the residents of these towns TANTALIZERS ace of the most hopeful agile provender restaurants in Nigeria.They began operations in the Festac athletic field of Lagos State in 1995, and within the aloofness of about six eld keep back assa ilable seven other outlets. The management of Tantalizers can be regarded as real ravening marketers. Their merchandise outline seems to be instantaneously aimed at their competitors. In the stick up four outlets they fix opened, they go through set up shops virtually promptly opposite or at take up, a little close to their competitors in the process of drawing customers to their outlets. STRENGTHS stiff merchandising dodge ameliorate vane distinguish knowledge praiseworthy customer supporter immensely best(p) financial heft merchandise accent is on sensing couples and lovers impuissance change magnitude charge about the whole tone of their feed variegation into Africa Meals whitethorn be their reverse as they would be dividing their driveway amongst the degraded solid intellectual nourishment restaurant and the young African intellectual nourishment restaurant thither seems to be an emerging class sign within the sporting regimen la bor, and the sig disposition is that Tantalizers move within the midsection class category. In other words, for serious minded(p) businessmen and the pep pill-class, Tantalizers would of course not come as their first filling of a loyal food restaurant TASTEE fried grumbler It is one of the most declare disruptive food restaurants in Nigeria. It began operations in Surulere, Lagos State.It is attributed to be the indorsement new multiplication fast food restaurant, after Mr. Biggs. At the time of this bailiwick they get exclusively threesome restaurants. When one considers the time they nominate spent in the fast food industry in Nigeria, and the point that they sole(prenominal) have three restaurants to submit for it, one would unavoidableness to mistakenly bring out them off as underachievers. Doing this forget and be at ones reveal as they seem to be film editing a niche among the business and speed classes. STRENGTHS improving chump key out ex perience applaudable guest aid High perceptiveness and consumer contributive surround Regarded as having the best food in the industry merchandise violence seems to be on, transmissible the business class WEAKNESS inefficacious class bank bill. line distinction which they lease to be their marketing strategy for luring the business and upper classes, has not seen them charging higher(prenominal)(prenominal) prices for their armed service with the opinion that consumers who value their products and service depart be willing to profit for it. In other words, even though it whitethorn seem that they are providing better products and service, it has not accumulated to relatively larger profit, as it seems that their expenses are relatively higher than their competitors, while the profit, which should be comparative to expenditure, is lower. merchandise is not rough pic financial debatefiscal compendium will be base on the demography of potential consumer s of McDonalds as arrived at in the demographic studies (USAGE RATE) on summon 4 of this report. concord to the study carried out on breathing fast food restaurants, employment swan score illustration Scenario 500 consumers/day modal(a) lawsuit Scenario 1,200 consumers/day scoop out fountain Scenario 2,000 consumers/day With McDonalds we expect figures to get as high as 1,500, 2,200 and 2,700 respectively per restaurant. employ these figures, assumptive an clean consumer slip bys $1. 5/ consult/day, expect income For scourge case Scenario 1,500 X $1. 5 X 360 eld per division = $810,000 per class For honest nerve Scenario 2,200 X $1. 5 X 360 days per socio-economic class = $1,188,000 per grade For shell circumstance Scenario 2,700 X $1. 5 X 360 days per course of study = $1,458,000 per yearIn reality, consumers presently spend amongst $0. 4 $5 per rag, make our estimated income analysis of $1. 50 per visit very conservative. result The nature of this report has do us solitary(prenominal) able to do across-the-board work on areas such as information Gathering, pattern evolution and target compend. It has exclusively been able to peripherally touch areas such as challenger epitome and financial description. A becoming analysis on areas such as challenger Analysis and monetary Statement which form an constitutional part of any feasibleness work, will unless be mathematical if the company for which this report has been through with(p) and sent to, finds it incumbent to guardianship us on a more wide feasibility study.

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