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M1A3 - Organizatinal Behavior Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

M1A3 - Organizatinal Behavior - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, mental models and shared vision become the third and tail parts of the process respectively. The former are the personal assumptions within an individual about the company while the latter is the common goal shared by all members of supply9 (Sessa & London, 2006). Lastly, the team learning aspect becomes the fifth key pillar in this organization that is mainly the collective pooling of individually learnt aspects drawn from other members of staff (Marquardt, 2011). Objectively, this paper bequeath give the name of a company in which transformation will aim at by including the intended broad principles. Further, it will include recommendations to the chosen learning organization that may include motivation, team management, culture, ethics, and empowerment. The learning organization chosen would be superior general Motors Corporation. Brief overview of General Motors General Motors is a name commonly associated to remarkable car brands in the world. Arguably, GM is the leading multi- state car manufacturer with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Globally, it has establishments in a hundred and fifty seven countries spread across several continents. It has over two hundred thousand employees under its denotation by either employing them directly or indirectly. GM has four regional clutters namely, GM South America, GM Europe, GM North America, lastly GM world(prenominal) Operations. Each of these segments is charged with organizing their designated world regions in sales, production, marketing, and development of products. The fifth and key pillar of the General Motors Company is the General Motors Financial that is in charge of the primary election financial matters of the company. However, in June 2009 General Motors started experiencing financial strain (Kolb, 2011). The government of the United States intervened through the Chapter 11 accord in which the governm ent-sought to protect the Companys assets later bankruptcy declarations (Weston, 2012). With this move, General Motors shareholders could not access their assets in Asia and Europe during this crisis. Remarkably, it experienced a relisting to the stock markets in 2010 following a successful public religious offering of preferred shares. Sequentially, the U.S treasury let go of thirty-five percent of its shareholding rights to a minimum of twenty-six percent after the 2010 initial public share offer. Treasury had acquired this stake when it sought to save the company from economic plummet. GM as a transformed organization In order for GM to make tangible transformation, a number of aspects have to come in to play. For a start, the main reason that led to the economic fall of this market giant was the hefty allowances that it salaried its managers during that time. The managers of the company across the globe took home unnecessary large pay, which the company throw togetherd to effect. Therefore, the transformation process for this company would start by reevaluating the pay for its managers to suit the present-day(prenominal) economic times. Ideally, it is not morally up right to pay people heftily when a company as it its dismal performance. Secondly, the Company experienced economic struggle because of the high amounts of money that they injected in to the pension scheme for their retired

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