Tuesday, June 18, 2019

PSYCHOLOGY Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PSYCHOLOGY - Research Paper ExampleIn order to execute much(prenominal) paradigms, numerous psychological theories have been devised to classify humans under diverse patterns and syndromes. An reasonableness of the psychology enables one to eradicate various therapeutic problems. Thus, psychology is non confined to any core study but it encompasses a complete understanding about the nature and the conditions under which a person was nurtured. In the denomination The effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of personality disorders A meta-analysis, the authors have conducted a meta-analysis to highlight the impact of psychodynamic therapy, as wellspring as cognitive behavior therapy to treat personality disorders. Although the hold does not include heredity and environment, the authors have used psychoanalytical perspectives and rely on the scientific findings, but travel to explain several important issues which ar discussed here. However, any activity that affects the performance or behavior of an individual is designated as behavior or mental process. The article does not specify the aspects of mental processes which are associated with different cognitive operations essential in eruditeness process and in procuring knowledge, reasoning, memory, learning skills, perception, outlook, concentration, skill to be alert and attentive, language skills, communication, thoughts, aptitude, emotions, decision making and problem solving skills (What is cognitive psychology?). Although the article addresses the psychologists and explains the intricacies associated with the understanding of mental and behavior processes, it fails in being unselfish towards brain functioning, communication, interpersonal predispositions, motivation and social behavior together with the physiological and neurological predilections. The article does not consider developmental aspects which play an imperative graphic symbol in the proce ss of nurture and formation of nature/temperament (A rational model of the effects of distributional information on feature learning). One of the key features in psychology is cognitive studies, an assessment of mental processes. The psychologist must understand the attitude as well as propensity of the enduring to deal with the personality disorders. The article lacks in emphasizing upon the cognitive understanding and, hence, the mental process, alteration of which is responsible for personality disorders. Evidently, as an individual matures, perception and understanding about the circumstances and situations also expands. Some may have the intellect to understand others, learn about their nature and circumstances, and react to the event in much pleasing manner, while others tend to be short tempered and reactionary towards a situation and display rage and anguish. These psychological aspects are not well defined in the article to implement the cognitive behavior therapy for per sonality disorder (What is Cognitive Psychology?). In the present scenario where the competition is hard-hitting and individuals are chip in a career race, an approach is desired where judgmental move toward attitude could be worked well. One has to be critical in displaying cognitive behavior, enhanced memory reason, quick as well as appropriate decision making temperament, and organization of educational program to boost learning power in order to prove their worth. A

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