Sunday, June 9, 2019

Reflexivity, central tenet of qualitative inquiry Assignment

Reflexivity, central tenet of qualitative inquiry - Assignment ExampleIn the quest to carry step to the fore any form of inquiry by the individuals, the individual is bound to be inclined to one position or other in the quest to validate their form of research carried out by the individual. According to Cousin (pp.10) it is vital that the researcher comprehends that biases and assumptions that may come along with the soft of research they may be undertaking. An understanding of the biases and assumptions allows the researchers ensure that their work is valid and reliable. This essay shall undertake an initiative to highlight the assumptions that may implicate the validity of a research as well as articulate an epistemological orientation in the case of scientific research. The case of scientific inquiry entails the extent in which the researcher is able to set the research problem as their own problem then undertake measures to solve the problem. In the case of Science Education, the supposition of subjectivity cannot be alienated from the fact that research has to be proven by some facts behind it. Cousin (pp.11) indicates that it is the responsibility of the researcher to find out the truth from an array of fallacies that may exist in the concerned area of study. This concept turns down to the fact that reflexivity is inescapable in the case of a researcher. After conducting research, the researcher must employ proper use of language in presenting their findings. In the context of Science Education, the self is crucial in the research process.

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