Saturday, June 22, 2019

Written Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Written Assignment - Essay ExampleIn the present scenario, globalisation, expatriation and advent of technologies have changed business operations and trade conditions to a large extent. In this context, organisational behaviour plays an important role, as it assists in evaluating, controlling and forecasting the changing perception of workforce of organizations. It ensures that an effective workplace is keep within an organisation, so that employees are able to conduct their operations in accordance with desired business objectives successfully3.Presently, the business scenario and market conditions have changed due to globalisation and technological advancement. In addition, the emerging concept of expatriation has also changed the internal organisational environment to a large extent. The aforementioned factors are identified to be responsible for changes in organizational cultures. Individual from varied cultural background, ethnic groups and sex among others are working toge ther in an organisation due to expatriation. The involvement of individuals representing diverse culture and having different belief has raised the trend of changing workforce in an organisation. In this context, organizational culture and organizational behaviour are prize to be interrelated and equally important for organizations. Organizational culture includes vision, mission, values, assumptions, beliefs. Organizational culture is an important consideration for the overall performance of an organisation and it is regarded as the sand of an organization. Workforce is the main asset of any organization. Subsequently, changing workforce is identified to influence organisational behaviour to a certain extent. Every organisation follows certain rules and convention in its workplace to conduct operations in a coordinated and systematic manner. In this context, changing workforce may

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