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Abortion Should Be Made Illegal Essay Example for Free

Abortion Should Be Made Illegal Essay Abortion is a huge issue that most Americans have their own opinion of. It is also a touchy subject where there is no right or wrong answer; it is all a matter of personal opinion. Ones opinion could be from believing abortion should be legal, and that a woman should be able to control what happens with their body. Ones opinion could also believe abortion should be illegal, and that if a woman can take the responsibility of having sex then she should be able to have the responsibility of having a child. Going through with an abortion has got to be the most painful, excruciating thing to go through, not only physically, but mentally. Abortion is murder, when you take the life of a being, whether it is in the whom or not, it is still murder. The day a child is conceived is the day it is living. Abortion is serious, and something I disagree with strongly. I have been researching this topic for over three months now, and the information I found is incredible and mind blowing. I have learned a lot from researching this topic and hope to further someone else’s knowledge about this very important issue. Abortion, in more than one way, is wrong, and throughout this report I plan to show my audience why this is what I believe. See more: Analysis of Starbucks coffee company employees essay Abortion is a huge issue throughout America. It is something people have different opinions about. Some people think abortion should be legal and that a woman should be able to choose what goes on with her body and that it is no one else’s business but her own. Then there are some people who believe abortion should be illegal, like me for example. I believe abortion should be illegal, I think women abuse this action, and don’t realize the consequences until it is too late. As it states in Brian Wilson’s Article Outlawing Abortion, â€Å"Abortion has taken the lives of more than 40 million babies since 1973. That’s 40 million lives taken because women are abusing this horrible issue. I believe we as a country should really try to make enough pro-life groups to show women what could happen, and what mentally happens, and physically. In Brian Wilson’s Article Outlawing Abortion, it states that â€Å"Abortion should be outlawed, but until it is, pro-lifers should work to change the hearts of women seeking an end to their pregnancies. † I agree one hundred percent with this statement, I believe that pro-lifers should take the time and try and change the hearts of women. I believe women should really be educated in the entire subject, women should know what they are going to go through, both physically, and mentally. The physical part of the entire abortion is the process itself. There are a couple different ways a doctor can surgically remove the fetus from a woman. The most popular way to remove a fetus is when the doctor dilates the women’s cervix, while he or she scrapes the uterine lining. Another process is a woman could take certain types of medication to terminate the pregnancy, but that is not as affective as a doctor surgically removing the fetus. So the process itself is painful, and traumatizing, if that is just the physical part of an abortion you can only imagine what the mental part is like. When a woman is thinking about getting an abortion they have to think of everything before they decide to go through with it. The act itself of an abortion really is not that big of a deal, it’s a rather simple procedure that in itself causes little anguish. The big issue that women are concerned about is living with themselves knowing that they ended the development of their unborn child, that as they sit looking back at the procedure there could have been a child sitting next to them. Women that go through with an abortion struggle through the emotional pain that an abortion causes. One of the most faulty arguments against abortions is that is causes serious depression and trauma to the mother. Some women even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. A lot of women feel regret and sorrow after going through with the procedure, statistics show that women suffer major trauma when going through that. I think there should be doctors in every abortion clinic that does what the Article by Lynn-nore Chittom, and Heather Newton, Pro-Life Activists Need to Push the Anti-Abortion Agenda, do. Doctors in South Dakota were required to inform women seeking abortions that they will be â€Å"terminating the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being. † Every women should be informed this, maybe it will make them step back and think about their next decision because that one decision could completely change there life forever. Many women after going through with an abortion feel sadness, guilt, anxiety, numbness, and shame. It’s not unusual for post-abortive women to experience all of those feelings plus much more, for example, women go through motional, spiritual, psychological, and physical side-effects for decades after their abortions. Abortion is a deadly and dangerous procedure. In every abortion the life of an innocent, unborn baby is ended, and its mother faces potentially life-long emotional consequences as a result of that decision. Abortion may be legal in the United States, but it is not the preferred choice. With proper education, women seeking abortions can come to understand their decision-making power and be persuaded to make a better choice. Abortion is becoming more and more common between younger girls. Girls need to be educated on this issue before the age gets extremely low. The fact that our country had to make it a law that minors can’t get an abortion without parental consent means girls are getting abortions way too young. This major issue is affecting girls of all ages, it should not be abused as much as it is. Women should be educated on the procedure, and the mental issues that come with the procedure. They say that a sonogram is what makes women change their minds about getting an abortion because the sound of a heart beat shows women there really is something living inside them and that shows them also that you would be terminating something that could one day be their pride and joy. Abortion is a major issue and should be stopped. Abortion should be illegal, I believe abortion should be banned completely. It is murder in one way or another. Someone could get two counts of murder for killing a pregnant woman but women are â€Å"murdering† their baby each and every day. How can someone go into work each and every day just knowing they are going to terminate someone’s unborn child? It has to be stopped and we need more pro-lifers to show women what it does to our bodies and how if affects us. Women don’t realize how traumatizing it really is until it is too late. Women need to be informed, and educated about the procedure and the guilt afterwards. The guilt itself eats women away, knowing they terminated something that could be their happiness one day. The issue of women not being ready for the responsibility, or just not wanting a child to begin with needs to stop. Some women need to take responsibility of their actions, and deal with what they started. Even if the woman is incapable of keeping a kid, they should at least give it up for adoption, if they do not want the responsibility they should also give him/her up for adoption. There are women who are completely unable to have kids and would be more than happy to take in a baby if only women would let their babies have the gift of life. A child is considered alive the minute it is conceived, abortion is usually done during the first trimester, but there have been some cases that it is done later. Abortion is still, and probably always will be a big issue. Women should not be allowed to get an abortion, no matter what. Women need to stop thinking about themselves and put their unborn babies’ life before there own. Everyone should be given the right to live, and no one should be able to hold that much power in their hands. All in all abortion is wrong, and just not something I could ever go through with nor would I ever think about going through with it. Abortion is almost like the easy way out of your mistakes, sometimes people need to own up and take up for their mistakes.

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