Saturday, July 27, 2019

ASSIGNMENT 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

2 - Assignment Example The resultant of this would be the loss of threads and finally loosening of the components. The mechanism behind this corrosion is in the difference that occurs in levels of oxygen between internal crevice and the external surface. The depletion of oxygen on the crevice causes it to be he anode creating an extremely corrosive environment inside the crevice. The corrosion occurs on the low-oxygen area acting as the anode with protection on the high oxygen area as the cathodes. Pitting is another form of localized corrosion that penetrates into metals as quickly as possible mostly at an angle of ninety degrees. As a result of it, we can have leaking tanks. This kind of corrosion is often hard to identify. The moment it is visible to humans, the damage will have been extensive the passivation layer of stainless steel makes it vulnerable pitting corrosion rather than uniform corrosion.The figure below show pits on stainless steel rings after it was subjected to the marine environment Surface corrosion occurs on the surfaces of the materials in has different types that include: stainless steels involves a flat-gray uniform surface attack mostly leading to significant damages in form of deposits of corrosion. Non-stainless products do suffer an extreme corrosion under a pale-black surface. Color-anodized surfaces involves crater formation in places of heavy attacks. In normal conditions only a partial or complete loss of color intensity occurs. This kind of corrosion occurs as a result of chemical and electrochemical influences. This only happens when there is connection with excessive acid contents in relation to stainless steel, soldered connections and sintered carbide metal are concerned. In the case of stainless steel, corrosion is aided by the impact of water/humidity. On anodized surfaces, the impact of acids or

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