Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Capstone Experience (Employee Impact on the Plan )3 Assignment

Capstone Experience (Employee Impact on the Plan )3 - Assignment Example have a negative effect on the organizations performance as a whole. Bad behavior in an organization setting can emanate from the work groups, to which an employee belongs; bad or strict organizational culture and policies e.g. tight supervision; work attitudes; organizational politics e.g. favoritism in promotions, poor compensation policies, personal deviance e.g. verbal abuse, sexual harassment and endangering co-workers, etc. (Robbins and Judge, 2012). Deviant behavior has a negative effect on employee recruitment and training (Martinko, Gundlach and Douglas, 2002). For instance, deviant behavior can lead to favoritism during recruitment, demotivation of new employees, high employee turnover, resistance to change, unhappy workers, unsafe work environment, low employee production, hostile work environment, low-skilled workers due to lack of commitment from old employees to mentor and train new employees, dissatisfaction, etc. (Tina, n.d.). The overall ramifications of poor employee training like poor or low quality work processes can affect negatively on the overall performance of the organization leading to business failure. Therefore, it is imperative that negative behaviors in organizations are checked to ensure that employees are satisfied because the overall performance of the organization depends on the productivity of individual employees of the organization. Martinko, M., Gundlach, M., and Douglas, S. (2002). â€Å"Toward an integrative theory of counterproductive workplace behavior: A causal reasoning perspective.† International Journal of Selection & Assessment,

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