Monday, July 29, 2019

Car is dangerous Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Car is dangerous - Essay Example Most of these cases occur once children are left alone in a hot car. Is happens sometimes when the attendant forgets that there were children in the car or when children get into cars without the knowledge of any adult. Within a few minutes the children can be in danger (Heat danger in cars: not just a summer problem, 2012). In some instances, parents do not like taking their children in and out of that cumbersome car seat. This is when they argue that they are making a quick belief stop. However, the stakes are very high. According to Christopher McStay, MD who is an emergency room doctor, it is never okay to leave children or pets in a car even when the windows are left down. He says that he has witnessed his share of casualties in the emergency room. According to him, a car is a greenhouse and the temperatures can become very hot in a very short time (Heat danger in cars: not just a summer problem, 2012). According to scientists, on a day that is only 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature in a car may rise by 30 or to 40 degrees within an hour, and more than 70 percent of this increase happens within the first 30 minutes (Grundstein, Dowd & Meentemeyer, 2012). They say that there may be heat stroke which may happen once the body temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit. That results to the irresistible temperature of the brain causing dizziness, confusion, agitation, seizure, sluggishness and loss of consciousness or even death (Grundstein, Dowd & Meentemeyer, 2012). The National Highway traffic Safety Administration advises that when one happens to see a child left alone in hot car, the person should call 911 right away. And incase the child is in distress because of heat, they should be removed from the car as fast as possible (Musso, 2014). According to doctors, it is unfortunate that some child carriers make it difficult to know if there is a child in the seat because

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