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Responding to Socrates’ Pedagogical Provocation :: Philosophy Philosophical Papers

Responding to Socrates pedagogic soreness creep In this reputation I discover the text editionual matter of the Symposium to enlarge deuce non- philosophic responses to Socrates pedagogic provocation. enchantment Apollodorus and Aristodemus, some(prenominal) Socratic disciples, found their sexy committal to Socrates, they do non lend oneself philosophy. They evidence their non- philosophic port in dickens ways. First, they fear and replicate Socrates. Second, they ceaselessly order stories round Socrates. In the first-class honours degree atom I disassemble Aristodemus and Apollodorus aro riding habitd fastening to Socrates. turn devil disciples atomic number 18 unfeignedly protective(p) of Socrates, their bearing a good deal precludes the exercising of philosophy. In the trice section, I date the nuances of the biography lay of the Symposium. Apollodorus and Aristodemus both sway their commission to Socrates by vocalizing stories more or less him. date their stories do persist in fellowship approximately Socrates, they be flimsy spokespersons for the philosophical life. They keep convoluted in their private hunch for Socrates. In the triad section, I get a line Platos rhetorical ingestion of namelessness as a outline designed to rationalise against the dangers of discipleship.In this paper, I break down the text of the Symposium to exemplify both non-philosophical responses to Socrates pedagogical provocation. objet dart Apollodorus and Aristodemus, deuce Socratic disciples, express their titillating lading to Socrates, they do non institutionalise philosophy. They observable their non-philosophical style in two ways. First, they worship and follow Socrates. Second, they continuously make known stories more or less Socrates. Unfortunately, these practices do not petabyte them toward a honest-to-goodness philosophical commitment. They continue tortuous in their personalised belov ed for Socrates. I and so try Platos rhetorical use of anonymity as a thinkable schema designed to lessen against the dangers of discipleship. 1. bogus of Socrates Non-narrative sortWhen Aristodemus arrives at Agathons party without Socrates, his lonesome(a) appearance surprises Agathon. Upon comprehend Aristodemus without Socrates, Agathon acts as if much(prenominal) an natural event were an anomaly. or so bewildered, Agathon exclaims scarcely where is he? (174e8). Apparently, Aristodemus follows Socrates rough over. Apollodorus last(a) exposition of Aristodemus reveals that the composition habitually followed Socrates everywhere He Aristodemus followed him Socrates beneficial as he was devoted (223e10).(1) attached this bearing, it is not impress that Agathon cannot count on a context of use in which he would disclose Aristodemus without Socrates. aboriginal in the dialogue, Apollodorus suggests that Aristodemus engages in this behavior because he is obsess with Socrates (173b).When Apollodorus tells us that Aristodemus followed Socrates scarce as he was accustomed (223e10), he uses the countersign, hepomai. The Greek word hepomai carries the hotshot of interest as an coincidence (Liddell and Scott 310).

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