Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Triumph Of The Great Wall Of China Essay -- essays research papers

The Great Wall of China has been called a wonder by many who have seen it. It brings pride to the Chinese nation, and is known for being the only man made structure visible from space. The magnitude of The Great Wall is an architectural achievement as well as an example of the will power of man. Many find it hard to believe that such an amazing sight could have a history so filled with death, slavery and sadness as The Great Wall does. The Great Wall of China is one of the world's most famous architectural triumphs and has helped China throughout its history, even though its creation is marked by tragedy. There is a large dispute over how long The Great Wall of China really is. Estimates are given anywhere between 1,500 miles and 13,250 miles1. This is because many people disagree to what The Great Wall is. Many historians argue that The Great Wall is only the wall built by Qin Shin Huangdi. Others believe that The Great Wall includes all of the walls built in China including the wall started by Qin Shin Huangdi. If The Great Wall of China is all of the defensive walls built since 214 BC2, then it is impossible to talk about it as one entity. There are hundreds of separate pieces of the wall, because there was never one full encompassing Great Wall built. When Qin Shin Huangdi began to build The Great Wall for China, he had no idea the amount of manpower and supplies he would need to even come close to completing his dream. Many sources disagree as to when The Great Wall of China first began. The dates of the original construction vary from 656 BC3 to 214 BC4. This discrepancy is caused by the arguments whether the bordering walls built by the early feudal states are actually part of The Great Wall of China we know today. Th... ...this work?20 was written about the wall. Its magnitude alone inspires many people. ?Nothing stops it, nothing gets in its way, seeing it at this point, one might believe it to be eternal.?21 Despite all the tragedy that surrounds The Great Wall of China, it continues to be considered a triumph for China. The Great Wall supplied protection for the developing empire. It also allowed for the development of Chinese trade with other countries. It has helped China?s economy from the days of the Silk Road through the present as it supplies tourism for China. It revolutionized not only military communication of the time but also wall building techniques. It stands as a symbol of strength and endurance for China. The Great Wall is a tribute to all of the Chinese who worked on it. The Great Wall of China shows the magnitude of what mankind can achieve in the face of tragedy.

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