Saturday, August 24, 2019

Communications Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communications Plan - Assignment Example A two month period is enough to present the audience with enough examples on the effects of tobacco and cigarette smoking. Within this two month period, I will be able to collect enough data on the people who have had their life turned upside down as a result of tobacco use and tobacco smoking ("Health effects of," 2013). The time period of one month is enough for me to present my plan to the audience and give the audience enough time to ask questions about my presentation. The time frame of two months will be enough for the audience to obtain enough knowledge of the side effects of tobacco smoking and use and will also give them enough time to think of how to make better decisions on smoking and be cautious of who is around them whenever they are smoking. I am likely to incur high costs in the communication plan. For example, the use of media like radio stations and seminars will require me to channel large sums of money. I will make advertisements on the local radio stations to inf orm the audience about the different seminars intended to be held. Using media to make advertisements is very expensive and will require me to put in a huge sum of money. ... This means that a lot of funds will have to be channeled to research and data collection. Other costs involved the communication plan is the indirect costs and directs costs associated with research. These costs include research and development as well as research and administrative costs. The entire process of interacting with the people, carrying out research, educating people and answering the questions from the audience will involve the use of money. A period of two months is a long time for one to be involved in the communication plan. Time is a resource which is very limiting and expensive. Monitoring the effectiveness of the plan is the performance metrics/targets that will be used in judging on the success of the plan. This metric will include obtaining feedbacks on the communications which have been planned and implemented. The performance metrics will help to determine the level of efficiency and effectiveness on the communication plan. To judge on the success of this commu nication plan, I will obtain feedback from the audience to tell me on how they feel and what they found about the plan. I will also build a method that will be used in the measurement of results. These methods will include a weekly report on the communication plan and the effects of cigarette and tobacco smoking, periodic briefings to the audience, end of the month summary and a formal report (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2011). Aim statement will also be stated prior to the commencement of the communication plan. This will be very helpful at the end of the communication plan as it will help in ascertaining whether the stated aims and goals were arrived at. I will also make use of a structured framework for

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