Friday, August 23, 2019

Preety Vs Non Preety Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Preety Vs Non Preety - Thesis Example It will be argued that those who appear better always do relatively better in their lives – keeping all other factors aside. It will further be contended that people who are physically more attractive tend to get more opportunities in their lifetime as compared to their colleagues with unattractive personalities. Moreover, the idea that people with more attractive physical appearances comparatively achieve more in their lives, will be put forward with the help of observation of each and every stage of a human life. ‘Physical appearance’, for the purpose of this paper must not be misinterpreted as ‘beauty’, as the idea of beauty as mere physical appearance is subjective. The physical appearance indicated throughout this paper will relate to only physical attractiveness which may find its roots in different characteristics of a person like his/her intelligence, approach, personality, richness, way of communication and/or prettiness etc. The paper propos es that even though a person’s physical attractiveness may not usually determine his/her working capacity, it is a recurring phenomenon that a person’s physical appearance affects other people’s perception of him thus giving rise to unequal distribution of opportunities amongst the working class based on their physical attractiveness (Loh). ... to show its effects† (Jackson) It is further proposed that the phrase ‘deciding his/her life’ refers to one’s eventual success in life through different stages that every human has to live e.g. childhood, teenage, young adulthood, adulthood and finally old-age. It does not mean that one’s personal life decisions are based upon his physical appearance, however, it refers to the idea that other’s decision with respect to him/her will definitely depend upon his/her physical appearance. The human society revolves around interdependence and notions of social contract (Hampton) which require social interaction and such social interaction is undoubtedly influenced largely by each individual’s physical appearances. Throughout the paper, the main focus will be upon the influence of physical appearance in the social interactions (reflections and perceptions) in different frameworks of various institutions that one happens to come across in his ent ire life-time. â€Å"Democratic or not, physical attractiveness has an important influence in almost every realm of behavior in which its effects have been studied† (Jackson). Through following three subdivided stages of one’s life, this paper will discuss above mentioned contentions in the light of physical attractiveness – (a) Childhood (Kindergarten), (b) Teenage and young adulthood (Middle & High School), (c) Adulthood & Old-age (Job market and Retired life). 2. Effect of Physical Appearance in one’s Childhood life: The birth of a child is known to have been the most beautiful gift of nature. But is this beauty enough to blossom that child as beautifully as others who were born at the same time as him? The most logical answer that follows is – no. There will always be an unequal distribution of resources

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