Monday, August 19, 2019

Seamus Heaney †The Skunk Commentary Essay -- English Literature

Seamus Heaney – The Skunk Commentary Skunk is a poem by Seamus Heaney about his married life. The poem is a tribute to his wife – how living away from home has caused him to miss his married life. Exiled from his wife, Heaney is recalls the skunk which reminds him of his wife. There are two settings in this poem. The first five stanzas are based on memories of California nights, and the last stanza is a recent memory of waiting in bed for his wife as she changed into her nightdress. The theme of this poem is memory, where Heaney recalls memories of his California nights; this is portrayed in â€Å"it all came back to me last night†. It is also a celebration of the energy and freshness of his marriage; â€Å"after eleven years I was composing love letters again†. He also shows his frustration and desire for his wife, a pain of separation from her; â€Å"the beautiful useless tang of eucalyptus spelt your absence.† The tone of this poem is sacred, sexual, repulsive – it is erotically inviting. Using interesting descriptions, Heaney is able to convey this poem in a tender yet...

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