Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Contemporary Hospitality Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

The Contemporary Hospitality Industry - Essay Example The diversification within the industry ranges from one-person operations to multinational mega-corporations. In just the accommodations area alone, the offerings within the UK range from small mom-and-pop bed and breakfast operations to huge five-star hotels. The bed and breakfast operations are generally carried on by citizens wishing to keep historical homes in good repair, so they offer, patients during the season to supplement their income. These operations are generally quite comfortable and offer a full English breakfast. They are extremely popular for two reasons: the cost is lower and the service is more personal and offers the opportunity to get to know some local people. The price range of bed-and-breakfast within the UK starts at a low of around 7 pounds per night per person to a rather high 75 pounds per night per room. This last is rather palatial, while the first is generally offered in the lower-cost areas, such as Wales. Due to their popularity, some commercial B & B operations have opened in recent years. Other accommodations range from smaller hotels to very large establi shments, which offer a huge range of services. (William Reed Ltd 2007 )The price range here starts at around 35 pounds per night per person to a high of several thousand pounds per night per suite. Quite a few of these still offer the customary English breakfast, but economics are causing many establishments to phase this out. The second-largest sector of the UK hospitality industry is food. While the UK is not exactly famous for its cuisine, the variety of food service is really quite grand. This ranges from street vendors and tiny one-person quick service places to small chippies, take-aways, fast food chains in local restaurants, too small and large pubs, teahouses and cafeterias, and finally to grand restaurants in scenic locations and large five-star hotels. Good solid food, such as that found in most pubs, is

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