Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Buckingham palace (London) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Buckingham palace (London) - Essay Example designed by John Nash and Edward Blore but later structural and other changes were incorporated in the original design to accommodate the changing needs and tastes of the ruling monarch. The site that is considered the Buckingham Palace today was in the beginning three sites: Buckingham Gardens, Goring House and Arlington House. As the need for more space was required according to the lifestyle of the Dukes and rulers, the surrounding sites were added to the original Buckingham Gardens. Buckingham Palace began as Buckingham House when John Sheffield, the first Duke of Buckingham built the house in 1702. The Palace as one sees it today was quite different from the one that was originally created. The original house was constructed from red bricks but later the entire faà §ade was replaced by Portland Stone. In 1762, George III bought the house for his Queen, Queen Charlotte as her private residence. The house became to be known as the Queen’s House at that time and many court functions took place in the house at that time. George III wanted to remodel the house to suit the needs of the expanding family but did not get the time. When George III was succeeded by George IV, the new king decided to make changes in the house. Later, under the sanction of the government, George IV ordered a structural renovation of the house by architect, John Nash. George IV wanted to make the place into a palace to suit his own lifestyle. He wanted to make Buckingham House into a Palace and change his primary residence from Carlton House to the Buckingham Palace. The idea of the renovation was to make the place a theatrical showplace for the victories and accomplishments of the English rulers. This included a marble arch to commemorate the victories of Waterloo and Trafalgar. George IV made extensive investment in the palace when he bought furniture from France during the French Revolution. George IV was inspired by the French neo-classical design and thus tried to incorporate it

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