Friday, September 27, 2019

Business law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Business law - Case Study Example Based on the second case, Buchanan County and Davis also committed negligent retention of Batz as an employee despite several complaints of misconduct against him (Batz). Evidence presented in the second case included recommendations by Lieutenant Furness, to Davis, proposing termination of Batz as a canine handler. Evidence by Captain Hepke also proposed disciplinary actions against Batz. Davis disregarded all the complaints about Batz as submitted by different parties. On the first instance, a jury returned a ruling that favored Kiesau and offered her $ 160, 000 as compensation. For the second instance, the court ruled against Kiesau by dismissing the negligent supervision and retention claims against Buchanan County & Davis. Argument: Under the laws on negligent hiring and retention applicable in Iowa State, Buchanan County & Davis, were liable for wrongful conduct by facilitating Bazt’s tortious actions through failure to act on several recommendations and complaints. Issues: Were the Republic of France and the French lines liable for the resultant injuries owing to obvious laxity in rules and regulation on smoking at the port loading and offloading bay backing constitution of approximate cause? Rule: If the subsequent action, force, or occurrences that are evident as direct contributors to the injuries suffered by the plaintiff were not probable, many juries hold that it is an intervening cause. Subsequently it pardons the defendant of liability from dangers that trace back directly from the superseding cause. Complainant the US government reason that the French cargo ship crew did not task up, the complainant argue that the crew should have foreseen risk of explosion from the transported FGAN, which is in normal regulations set by the governing bodies on transportation of hazardous materials deem fire hazard. The ammonium nitrate gas is explosive if exposed to combusting materials. With this knowledge,

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