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English Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

English Literature - Essay Example According to Homer, Agamemnon takes Chrysies, daughter of chryses, who was the priest of Apollo. The Achaean commander Agamemnon threatens chryses for pleading with him to return his daughter exchange for a reward. Chryses returns to Apollo and begs him to be vengeful to Agamemnon. Apollo strikes back with a plague that killed men and animals on the land as a way of revenge Achilles relationship is also seen where he convinces Agamemnon to return Chryses daughter. Achilles is rewarded for returning chrysies daughter but Agamemnon decides to take away Achilles prize Briseis which makes Achilles angered and want to kill the king (Lawall and Mack). Athena a god stops Achilles before he kills the king. Achilles argument with Agamemnon provokes him not to fight for the Achaeans and sits back to watch his fellow warriors being attacked by Hector the Trojan warrior. The relationship of Achilles and his fellow warriors is reflective when he sits back while his fellow warriors were killed at the battle field and his friend Patroclus is killed. Question 2 Odyssey is a Greek warrior who was mighty, brave, intelligent, cautious, and courageous. According to homer, Odyssey reveals his courageous trait when he escapes from Polyphemus by stabbing him with a pole. Odyssey being a courageous man was a good influence to his fellow warriors. According to the Greek culture leaders who possessed Odysseys traits where highly honored for their good leader ship skills. Odyssey is also a cautious warrior in that he hesitates before taking any action that would endanger the lives of his fellow warriors. According to Homer, Odyssey in countless encounters he has saved the lives of his fellow warriors and also the his family. When he disguises himself to look like a beggar was cautious action for him to save his wife from the suitors and waited for right time to reveal him to the suitors. Odyssey was also cautious when he realized the intentions of the suitors to kill his son Telemachus ( Lawall and Mack 77). Odyssey has also overcome many temptations in the situation where he overcomes the temptation of the lotus plant. Odyssey and his fellow men after arriving at the Cyclop Island were tempted to eat the leaves of the lotus plant. The plant affects their minds and makes the warriors to forget their family and return journey home. Odyssey realizes the effect of the plant on the men he reverses the effect with apportion hence saving the life of his men. Odyssey also evades temptation of Calypso when she tries to hold him captive his will to return home to his family is heard by the gods who come to his rescue. Odyssey’s shows affinity to the Greek people, family, and his fellow warriors. His will to return home from Calypso Island to his wife and son shows he was loving and affection for his family. Odyssey also shows affinity to his fellow warriors by joining them in the war against the enemies. His courageous, bravery and war tactics can be related to presen t day films such as Rambo where Sylvester Stallone is the hero. Question 3 The ancient Greeks had a religious background where they believed in beliefs, rituals and practices. According to Homer, the Greeks would make offerings to the gods to help them during the wars. In the epic story of Achilles, the Greeks offered sacrifices to the gods during the war with Trojan warriors. The Greece had had a ruling class Basileis where the rulers of Ancient Greece. These rulers had a variety of roles with the main one serving the people as kings and judges. In the epic

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