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Managing Holistically Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Managing Holistically - Essay Example The society, therefore, requires the construction companies to effectively maintain sustainability. These companies must be ready to address the complexity of problem conditions through a system and cybernetics approach with the sustainable development as an objective. Here, the problem situation analyzed is of building the Skye Bridge, a road bridge that connects the Isle of Skye with the mainland Highland over Loch Alsh, in Scotland. The project was undertaken by the developer Skye Bridge Ltd. and the construction by the Miller Constructions Company. The construction project intended to meet particular needs like enhancing transportation by connecting the island with the mainland through the Skye Bridge. Non-sustainability was a significant problem context charged against the project. A public inquiry, conducted after the contract, showed that there had been greater public opposition about the ecological and aesthetic elements of the design brought forward by the developer. And so, there occurred the necessity for an amended comprehensive design that could meet all the ecological and aesthetic requirements while being in line with the guidelines set up by Scottish organizations like, the Nature Conservancy, the Scottish Natural Heritage, the National Trust, etc. Ultimately, as Ford et al (1997) pointed out, this modifications to the design cost amounted to about ?4 million; and the total costs could have been reduced if the pubic opinion was sought for much earlier. Moreover, there had been severe criticism about the financial agreements of the project with the Skye Bridge Ltd. Company, especially about the collection of tolls over the years. In the opinion of Ford et al (1997), the initial estimated costs for the construction was around ?24 million, which might be collected through tolls over the agreed period of 27 years. There was much opposition against the high rates of tolls collected by the company from the users. The rate was very cheaper at the begin ning, but gradually developed into the highest bridge tolls in Europe in no time (ibid). McQuaid & Greig (2002) highlight the analysis conducted by the Napier University in 2002 that evaluated the impacts of the Skye Bridge tolls on the region’s economy. The reports showed that the economy faced slow downs and the total loss was around ?4.67 million of income and 256 jobs each year (ibid). As Creig & McQuaid (n.d) point out, even though the bridge enhanced faster crossings, its negative impacts overpowered its positive influences like its impact on tourism and short-stay visitors. Complex Problem Context Construction undertakings, like the Skye Bridge case focus on particular needs, and the challenge of accomplishing such needs varies from technical elements to technological, environmental, ecological, and social elements. The later half of the last century witnessed a notable increase in the degree of sustainable development associated with construction industry, because the society started to realize the adverse impacts of construction projects on the environment and society (Planningcommission.nic.in, n.d). The Skye Bridge Ltd Company was successful in facilitating the particular crossing with the provided specification, but fell short of covering the sustainable devel

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