Friday, September 13, 2019

PRODUCT REASSESSMENT Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

PRODUCT REASSESSMENT - Research Paper Example This paper focuses on providing a plan to reposition dial-up internet services to a new target market. This could in essence mean a new use for dial-up internet service. Repositioning and Target market For dial-up internet service providers such as NetZero and America Online to regain their internet market share, there is a need for such providers to conduct product repositioning. This will require that these providers change the identity of their product in relation to that of their competitors. Dial-up service providers need to identify new loopholes in their market and promote their product based on a new criterion (Morley & Charles, 2012). Broadband internet providers have taken a large chunk of the market share and appear to make the dial-up internet outdated. Broadband internet providers offer higher internet speeds to its customers and at a higher cost than that of dial-up internet providers. Despite the apparent takeover by broadband internet, many areas remain without intern et connection. This gets attributed to factors such as location, population, profitability, and cost of setting up infrastructure by internet service providers (Morley & Charles, 2012). ... According to Pew Research center (2012), 81 % of American adults have access to the internet. Sixty six percent of those who have access to the internet from home use broadband connection. According, to the research center, 95% of teens have internet access (Joannna & Lee, 2012). The Pew research center indicates that only 3% of Americans with home internet access use dial-up services. Among the 3% who still use the dial-up internet, price got given as the main reason for not switching to broadband connection (Joannna & Lee, 2012). The US census bureau indicates that dial-up internet service use is high in states such as Maine, Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Vermont and West Virginia with over 5% of households in these states using the dial-up internet. With these current demographics on the dial-up internet accessibility, effort should get geared at increasing the current 3% of the dial-up internet users in the market (Joannna & Lee, 2012). Research needed to reposition dial-up inte rnet services Dial-up service providers need to reposition dial-up services to maintain unique innovations not found with other broadband or mobile providers currently offering Internet services. When a brand gets to provide consumers with perceptions of self-expansion, they are more likely to be loyal. Major dial-up providers still holding onto the dial-up business model should be looking for opportunities to expand services, such as including free or reduced home line telephone services as a means of incentivizing purchase. By expanding into home phone service, dial-up marketers can regain some ground on lost revenues that occurred as a product of competition and changing social and professional lifestyles. Dial-up marketers could utilize

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