Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Proximity and Juxtaposition :: Essays Papers

Proximity and Juxtaposition In order to properly compare and contrast the similarities between juxtaposition and proximity a definition is surely needed of the two. Proximity for instance, refers to the relative nearness of forms, and how that effects the relationship between them. Juxtaposition on the other hand, refers to the way in which elements or forms are placed next to each other. Juxtaposition and proximity are two important aspects of design that are often used together and must be taken into account when creating a work of art. One similarity between juxtaposition and proximity is that they both have the ability to communicate what type of connection should be made between a grouping of elements or forms. For example, when referring to proximity, if the elements are placed closely together in a design, they relay to the viewer that they are a group, and they should be translated as one. The way 2 elements are placed together (juxtaposition) conveys a relationship as well. An example of this is in Gustav Klimt’s art work (see last 2 pages) titled, "The Kiss" (Gombridge 65). In Klimt’s painting a man and a woman are placed next to each other in an interesting way. The forms of their bodies are distorted and resemble the abstraction of melting and movement. There is an obvious relationship between the two forms which would not be as apparent if the forms were not juxtaposed the way that Klimt chose to. The bodies are vertically aligned, so that a oneness can be achieved. Had the man been upright and the woman horizontally placed across the ground, the two forms would communicate differently. The feeling of movement, melting, and oneness, would surely lose its’ intensity. Taking an even closer look at Gustav Klimt’s art work, the viewer may focus on the geometric shapes within the 2 forms. At first the viewer notices that rectangular shapes are juxtaposed within the male form, and a majority of the woman’s form is filled with circular shapes. However, towards the lower and upper parts of their bodies, juxtaposition and proximity are used to form a relationship between the rectangular and circular shapes. There are a few rectangles and circles placed so close to one another and in such a way that the onlooker can no longer distinguish between the man’s and the woman’s bodies.

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