Thursday, September 26, 2019

Stage 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Stage 2 - Essay Example One of the requirements of this response is that the database must be regularly updated upon arrival of a new customer. Employees should also provide time and day when they can offer the best to customers. This process of linking customers and employee is facilitated by Myra just by a click of button leading to direct contact of top management and clients. Donald H. Sheldon (2006) notes that, â€Å"No role that is important to ensure success of a master scheduling than that of top management.† In conclusion, UMUC haircut is transforming organization input to output using business processes to develop a scheduling system. Waite (2008) observed that this conversion leads to effective and efficient customer needs satisfaction. In addition to this, UMUC haircut customers can be sent personalized messages using phone number and notified on the availability of the service. According to Turaban, Volonino and Wood (2013), the use of recent technology such as tablets and ipads has contributed to fast reporting process and cost cutting of expenses broadband. This will highly contribute to the reduction of customer delays in premises resulting to attraction of more customers thus leading to a competitive

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